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Goodwood SpeedWeek 2020 - Ferrari Digest

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by GdLV, Oct 16, 2020.

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  1. GdLV

    GdLV Rookie

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Good morning petrol heads, I just thought I would share a heads-up for the amazing event Goodwood has put in place for us over the week-end.

    It is called SpeedWeek and it is a closed doors event combining the best of MM, FOS and Revival.

    I must confess I work for Goodwood as a consultant, but in hindsight it does not take away the fact that it is going to be just great!

    There is an action packed week-end ahead of us starting now until Sunday evening. It is sadly taking place behind closed doors. On the bright side, no public on-site gives room for more action and for things never seen at Goodwood before. Races, rally stages, timeout sessions on the track, just to name a few...

    As far as Ferrari go, they will be present in races including the Glover Trophy - classic F1 race - and even a ultra-rare Ferrari 308GTB that took part in the World Rally Championship in group 4.

    (All UK times)

    13:10 Super Special:
    14:55 Supercar run
    16:45 Super Special:

    16:05 Supercar run
    16:50 Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy
    : some 250 SWB one of which with Dario Franchitti at the wheel

    08:40 Richmond & Gordon Trophy
    : Ferrari 246 Dino (F1)
    14:20 Lavant Cup: 500 TRC driven by David Cottingham from DK Engineering

    There should be a 512M making an apparition among the prototypes; a F60 driven by Marc Gené as part of the single seaters; and the most recent 812 Superfast, F8 SPider, F8 Tributo, Monza and Roma as part of the Supercar run Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    No smell of fumes or burnt tires but plenty of opportunities for the public to interact with polls, quizzes and votes while watching the 2 free live streams from the comfort of home.

    Spread the word around you and have a great week-end! Image Unavailable, Please Login

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  2. LBBP

    LBBP Formula Junior

    I"ve been watching on and off today, great event!
  3. GdLV

    GdLV Rookie

    Jun 29, 2017
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    The rally stages yesterday were phenomenal! I loved the last part at night with cars going through the tunnel!

    Currently there is the practice session for the Sir Stirling Moss Trophy (formerly Kinrara), with 250 SWB vs E-type.

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