GTC4Lusso V8 Hybrid speculation

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    Blue Carbon
    Hello to everybody,
    I looked for a similar post but I didn't find anything specifically about this topic. I apologize to the administrators if I'm breaking any rules about sections or procedures to open a new post but this is the first time I post here.
    I was wandering if anybody has heard about a hybrid v8 variant of the GTC4. Would be interesting to see considering it would probably be four-wheel drive. Or maybe the GTC4 should be considered a blind alley considering the upcoming FUV as I've read on other topics?
    NB: these are just speculations, I didn't hear anything about it from official Ferrari sources and I'm just asking if anybody has.
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    Oct 15, 2011
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    Hi @TheBlueCarbon36 welcome to the forum :) Nothing has been mentioned here as it relates to the Lusso. There are Hybrids coming but most likely in form of a Super Sport series (big brother to F8) and Portofino "Coupe" from what was mentioned. There are a few forums here discussing the future of the line by @ferr9000 and others. Cheers
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