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Guide to OEM Magnesium Wheels for GT3RS & GT2RS (In-Stock) By Wheels Boutique

Discussion in 'Porsche' started by Wheelb, Aug 6, 2019.

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    As many of you have already learned much about BBS’ aftermarket Magnesium wheels for the GT3, GT3RS, & GT2RS through our guide here - - we felt it was necessary to create a separate thread to focus on the OEM Magnesium wheels (also manufactured by BBS) that is found on the Weissach Package cars.

    Before we get started, as of today (08/06/19) we have two sets of OEM Magnesium Wheels in-stock ready to ship. Nobody else in the world has these wheels in their possession. Others have promised delivery by x amount of months but there is no guarantee that those orders will even be fulfilled. With demand from our clients being so high for these wheels we will be acquiring every single set that rolls off the manufacturing line at BBS from now until 2020.

    Porsche OEM Magnesium Wheels

    Alternate Names: RE1746 & RE1747 || Weissach Package Magnesium Wheels

    Size:20”x9.5” ET 50 || 21”x12.5” ET 48

    Weight:15.95 lb (7.23 kg) Front Wheels || 21.9 lb (9.93 kg) Rear Wheels

    (Savings of over 26 lbs vs the Non-Magnesium OEM Wheels)

    Available Colors: Aurum Gold, Satin Black, Platinum Satin, White Gold, Custom

    White Gold
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    Black Satin
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    Platinum Satin

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    The stylistic differences between these OEM Magnesium’s and the aftermarket Magnesium’s is difficult to catch but once you see it you’ll be able to spot it easily moving forward. The most noticeable difference will be near the edges of the wheel. The OEM’s have crisper/sharper spokes while the aftermarket have a much more pronounces “lip wall” where the spokes meet the outer edge of the wheel (seen below). Also, the OEM’s are void of any outside engravings which are very noticeable on the aftermarket wheels. The aftermarket wheels have “RE1641” and “WEC” to name a few.


    If you have any questions whatsoever or would like to place your order immediately make sure to call us today. All orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.

    [email protected] || 786 249 0127 ext. 2109 ||

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