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    In any case Hagerty is responsible for the subvendor they choose.

    It would be valuable to know which states are the ones with the most issues.
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    John, a "variance" between my experience with Hagerty and your experience with Hagerty may be the case.

    If you wish, do your own research on who underwrites your agency. The "actual surveys" which you request me to provide to you are public information. I've already done it at substantial time and cost.

    My opinion is mine, based on unsatisfactory performance, which is not in variance with several experiences of others on this forum.

    Clearly you are satisfied with Hagerty, and that's good for you. I hope they protect your investment of what ever it may be.

    Ciao and best!
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    My experience with Hagerty lately has been poor at best. I have had exotics for many years with no auto claims and they have been insured with USAA the entire time. I recently purchased an '07 E63 and applied with Hagerty online. I received a quote online for the AMG and another car with many emails following reminding me to complete the coverage. Which I eventually did after purchasing the car. I received a call to send pictures which I sent and they then took payment information over the phone. I received a call later that they could not insure the new car purchase until I owned the car for more than one year but they would gladly insure the other car. Absolute bait and switch. There is no mention of limitations of new ownership and that was part of the original quote where I mention that the car was a new purchase. I would stay away from Hagerty.
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    I've had several old cars and motorcycles insured by them for years and always had good luck getting the agreed values that I requested based on photos that I emailed them. I also get rates that I think are reasonable. Never made a claim though. They give a discount for joining ferrari club that made being in the club free for me.
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    Hi Jon,
    I too had my entire fleet insured with Hagerty at one time; almost 50 bikes, and a dozen cars. Never a problem with agreed value, nor communications. I had a claim on my '33 Ford '50s style street rod once, and it was handled like any typical insurance claim. An unknowing adjuster came out, and tried to figure what was really damaged in the claim (this was pretty much my daily driver, and had patina). The claim went through though, and no regrets. Hagerty is a broker though, like almost all other agents, and must go through underwriters.
    A few years ago, I switched to Rob O'Niel, of Hot Rod Insurance in Burlingame, CA. He handles ALL the big collections locally. He does all the Academy of Arts cars, all Roy Brizios & his clients, and many more that probably don't want to be public here. He bends over backwards for you if there is a claim, and road side assistance & towing are included. Try him at; 650-343-8450, or cell 650-906-7206. Ask for Rob, and be sure to tell him that I sent you.

    All the best, Red Fred.

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