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  1. A few days ago, I started researching fire extinguishers for the 355. It's getting a bit close to this Friday's meet in Monterey and I was getting a bit nervous. I found a thread on Halon extinguishers mentioning a company called H3R, that primarily sells through the internet at The company is located in Larkspur California, which is just north of the Golden Gate off highway 101. I made arrangments to meet with them late in the afternoon to pick up a model C352 2.5 pound Halon, but ran late due to a company meeting running long. (Typical!) I don't get up that way very often, as it's several hours from home. One of the representatives from H3R not only stayed late, but met me close to the freeway to pass the product over to me. She said that they could make the shipment to my residence in time for the show, but that it made no sense to pay the extra 30+ bucks for the hazardous materials shipment since I was driving by.

    I don't normally tout companies here, but since most of you will buy an extinguisher for your car at some point, I just wanted to share this experience.

    Thanks Laurie! Much appreciated.

    Jim C.
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    Love my H3R Halon :)

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