handling and driveability: CS-v-Scud, 360-v-430

Discussion in '360/430' started by checklist_34, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I have a question about the handling, balance, and general "forgivingness" of these cars. I've read that the 360 is a handful if driven near the limit while the 430 is a very forgiving car thats easy to drive hard. And i've read alot about the Scud and its plethora of driver aids and how its perhaps as driveable at the limit as any car ever.

    I enjoy HPDEs, but I have probably only average driving talent and Im' relatively new to performance driving. The handling aids on my Z06 stay on when at the track and I'm grateful for their ability to tame the tendency of that car to try to put the rear end forward. What i'm saying is that something like a Scud is alluring to me in that regard, while cars like FGTs, Vipers, and CGTs make me a little aprehensive. The Z06 is dear to me, and I'd hate to see it trashed, but I'd doubly hate to say goodbye to a CGT if it suddenly gave out and I wasn't able to catch a slide. Forgivingness (thats bad english, I know) is a good thing to me.

    Are the newer cars much better in this regard than the CS/360, and if any of you are Vette drivers, how do these cars (any and all of them) compare in that regard to the C6's? I can only assume that the F430 and Scud are the top of the class in this regard as basically every review of them praises this aspect of the cars.

    hope I got that spit out clearly

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