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Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by C50, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Aug 19, 2016

    I've been lurking and learning for some time. Now that I'm getting closer to transitioning from a P-car to an F-car, I wanted to get some insight from 808 fchatters.
    Since I only have one parking spot, whatever I get will be my DD. I know the days of putting a board on the passenger seat and parking on the side of the road for a morning session will be done, but I'm curious about other possible changes/implications.
    As far as what I'm looking to get, it vasilates from a scud to a 458 to an F12. They all have their appeal.
    Apologies for a long first post.
    Looking forward to hearing your impressions and hopefully I can contribute in the future.

    1. 458 attracting attention: too much? I don't mind a little talk story when I'm detailing or fueling up, but I'm not seeking unrelenting attention when I go to foodland

    2. F12: too big? I'm thinking purely about parking and how it may suddenly get more annoying.

    3. Parking: anyone know of secure rental spots in Honolulu? One thought I had was to keep the 911 as the DD. I've asked around my neighborhood and checked Craigslist, but nothing.

    4. resale: tough from here to mainland buyers? I'm guessing yes. Does this make dealer trade-in a more viable option? Need to anticipate selling a little less than market to compensate?

    5. Dealer/Service: I know options are limited, so it's just a "it is what it is" situation.But, for example, any advantage to buying used from local dealer vs shipping from mainland? I'm imagining a scenario of buy used from dealer and trade in later on new car build. The whole "build a relationship" thing... I get that it's a thing, but it's not like I'm a Player building a collection.

    6. Shipping: any tips on making it less risky/painful? I've read the threads on the subject, but still have a tough time with the thought of turning the keys over to the shipper with faith in their gentle touch. Reached out to air cargo for a quote just to learn.

    7. Insurance: tips based on experience? Again, I've done the searches and read the collective wisdom, but any HI specific thoughts? Geico is a no, State Farm will do, USAA is too much, and only one car excludes Hagarty, Chubb and the like.


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    3. I'm guessing you live in a Kakaako condo? If so, Modern Detail on Kawaiahao Street offers storage at $250 a month with hookup for a battery tender.

    4. If selling to the mainland, include shipping to the west coast. It's about $1k.

    6. If by ship, use Pasha. If you want containerized, Horizon is the only one, but you need 6" of clearance to make it into the container. A friend did use air cargo for one of his cars, but that was several years ago.

    7. Try Pyramid Insurance. A friend works there and he insured a guys Lambo for about $800 a year. Not sure if it was his only car.
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    Hmm... Tough decision... That Scud for sale by a local used car dealer looked ratty when I saw it at JN for service... Between the 3 models, I can see it being difficult to choose one.

    Where do you reside? I know of one location in Hawaii Kai.

    Resale is a whole different animal here... Limited buyers...

    I've had good service experience with the local dealer

    I just shipped a fully restored car through Pasha for the first time and must say I was pleased. They allow specialty cars to be picked up a day earlier from the general public at Pier 1.
    FYI, Horizon was purchased by Pasha. They do not ship cars in containers anymore, just roll on/roll off. My last restored car I shipped through Horizon (5years ago) was damaged front and back since the car came loose in the container. Thankfully Hagerty took care of it all.

    Good luck in whatever you choose
  4. Doc_K

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    Ian K.
    If you're interested in the F12, I don't think they're too big when I saw one in person. I drove an E60 M5 for a while here and it was perfect. Look up the Top Gear review of the F12 and you'll see Jeremy Clarkson driving around town, talking about how easy the F12 is to get around in. Best of luck with whatever you choose!
  5. ReinD

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    Sep 16, 2010
    1. Why are you shopping at Foodland? Go to Safeway on Beretania late at night. Lots of parking and no one cares what you drive.

    2. Too big? An Aventador is too big.

    3. One stall, one car.

    4. At this point, since you're "switching", you might as well keep it and drive it into the ground. Stop thinking about saving it for the next guy.

    5. Doesn't matter.

    I'm surprised you haven't already decided what to buy. My opinion of the cars are as follows:

    - Scud if you like paddle shifting and lots of noise.
    - 458 as the DD and best overall choice for driving here - road quality, traffic, and parking.
    - f12 has too much power for Hawaii. It's a nice enough car, but you'll never open up that engine here. The trunk access for shopping at the market couldn't be easier - lol

    Good luck!
  6. C50

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    Aug 19, 2016
    Thanks for the replies and input.
    I'll look into those suggestions.
    as soon as I seal a deal, i'll post pics

  7. rsky

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    Sep 8, 2006

    Aventador isn't to big.

    But I wouldn't daily it either. lol.
  8. rsky

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    Sep 8, 2006
    458. Great car. Draws attention but not as bad as some other cars. Good handling and road pretty good on the freeways. Downtown driving though might suck. Good luck with the purchase
  9. andyrichter

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    Jul 18, 2017
    C50, what car did you end up with? I am seriously considering an FF after having 2 children and never driving my other manual cars. Do you or anyone else have an opinion on the FF for the island? I did see a beautiful FF right across the street from Stepping Stones Academy in Kakaako a few times and was going to see if the owner may be interested in selling. I have a 2012 991 C2S manual and 2014 R8 V10 plus manual that I may be interested in trading if anyone has an FF they are looking to sell.
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    An FF on Oahu may be the most practical Ferrari you could daily drive. There are a few of us daily driving Ferrari's here. I do it in my F355 and it is a battle every day! But worth it. Another member of the community daily drives his 458 and loves it. Another member nearly dailies his 430 spider.

    If I could afford a FF in addition right now I would buy one and drive it daily.

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