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help identifying an old Ferrari ZF? part I have...

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by ianrand, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. ianrand

    ianrand Rookie

    Jan 6, 2004
    I am new to this forum... and apologize if this post may be in an improper area of discussion. With that said, I have a 1960's? vintage new old stock magnesium casting for the bottom of a transmission (or transaxle?) that I am trying to identify. It has the following written on the box (possibly correct, possibly not): ZF Dino 206 Trans bottom. The part itself has a cast in part # 573520397, a paper tag with Italian nomenclature, and a small paper sticker that reads: ZFTA 7231-A. May I ask if anyone is knowledgeable as to what this specifically fits, and what would be a fair price for it? It is n.o.s. and still has some of the original gold anodize finish visible. (I can send pics, if you wish to provide your email address). Thanks for your help. Rob
  2. BigTex

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    Dec 6, 2002
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    Wow! Nobody???

    Welcome to fchat, and thanks for trying to reunite this part with a living car!

    Ferrari UK is now handling New/Old stock and maybe can help with unit ID.

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