Help w. 308qv..what is this?

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by tf308, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I finally put the engine back in my 308qv after a year and a half and I have almost finished, but I need some help. During my engine out service, I decided to remove the air rails on both heads. However, one of the rubber tubes on the air injection ties into this piece that I have pictured. What should I do? Should I keep this assemblly and either leave the tube open or should I plug the tube. Or, could I just unhook this pictured assembly altogether? Is this the fast Idle device or something else. I am trying to practice being shumacher before the race this weekend... :)
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    Not the fast idle device --- it is part of the EGR (emissions) system. Removing / plugging single components in this system doesn't work to well. You can remove / plug the entire system, but you will fail your next smog test at the DEQ. Go to the Ferrari-UK / Ferrari Owners website, and you can print a schematic from the online parts manual which shows all the proper components and connections for the system. Also, you make a good guess as the fast idle device gets its vacuum actuation supply from one of these electrovalves (could even be the one you have pictured there) ---- this is why it's best to reinstall / reconnect the whole system properly.

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