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Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by Juan-Manuel Fantango, Apr 13, 2008.

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    Several years ago I drove to Indy for the National meet, over 750 miles one way, ran IRL for 2 days, the F1 track for one day, and then drove home for a total of over 1700 miles. The Yokohamas AO32R were really good, but very loud,and I think they were even the soft compound. This year it's off to Toronto and MoSport, 893 miles one way. I am sure to encounter rain on the way, as I did on the way to Indy, so it is important to have the tread for this purpose. I did this wondering if the tires would hold up, and they did. Keep in mind I am not in a race, I am not going to win anything but memories, so I conserve the tires so I can get home, but still enjoy the car on the track. For those who have expereince, what tires would you recomend?

    315/35/17 and 245/40/17
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    Carm Scaffidi
    If they come in the size you need you I have had very good experience with Toyo RA'1s and they now have a new line called R888's that are supposed to be even better. They are priced well and they last very long for a R rated tire.
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    Buy R-888's full tread for your purposes and replace them (or be very careful in the wet, particularly standing water) under half tread depth. They're best on the track under 4/32" tread depth, best for the road above 6/32" and preferably 8/32". I'm not sure of the full depth mold number. Most street tires come at 11/32".

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