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    I think I have an alternator problem. I noticed the battery gauge had dropped to around 12v, this is not a constant problem. In the last week sometimes is cranks right up, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 turns before it will crank.

    I had the battery check yesterday and they said it was fine. Do you guys think this is a bad alt or loose belt, maybe something else?

    Is this a common problem, I have a 02' Coupe with 19k miles on it.

    The car runs very strong.

    Would this problem be covered under warranty?

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    Rick R.
    I have an '02 Spyder and have had no issues with the charging system. I suggest starting with the simplest diagnostic approach. The next time you see the meter only showing 12v put a volt meter directly on the battery to see if it matches the reading on your dash. If it does the charging system should be looked at by a dealer and it should be covered under your warranty. If the voltage at the battery is good (13.8v to 14.2v) the dash meter might be flakey and it should also be covered under the warranty.

    Rick . . . .

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