Hermès “Espace” Attaché-case in reinforced carbon-carbon.

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    Unique New In Box Hermès “Espace” Attaché-case in reinforced carbon-carbon.

    In 1987 Hermès produced a very small batch of Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (RCC) attaché-cases in three sizes. RCC shall not be confused with ordinary carbon fiber. This RCC material was supplied to Hermès by la Société Européene de Propulsion (SEP, then part of the SNECMA Group, now SAFRAN) who made the nozzle for the European Ariane space launcher.

    It was developed for the nose cones of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and is most widely known as the material for the nose cone and wing leading edges of the Space Shuttle due to its exceptional lightness, long lifetime, outstanding resistance to thermal shocks and corrosion, perfect operational behavior, and mechanical properties stability at temperatures up to 2700°C.

    SEP’s carbon-carbon had a particular multi-dimensional and multi-directional texture. Mr. Dumas-Hermes used to own one such “Espace”: “[and he] likes to talk about his company's place in the modern world. He mentions that there are robots in the printing plant, that the carbon fiber in his new Hermes briefcase is the same as on the exterior of France's Ariane rocket,” MODERN MERCHANT - Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes - Dressing Hermes for Success -

    After having sold SEP’s RCC technology to a major US corporation, I bought the largest Espace attaché-case for my daily use. This attaché-case was refurbished by Hermès and stolen from their container while in transit back to me. After this event, they offered me a brand new smaller version of the Espace which I didn’t find a satisfactory compensation and therefore just kept in its original bag. I opened it twice: when they delivered it to me and to take the pictures for this post.

    They offered me money or to make a new one. I selected to have them make a new one for me but after quite some time they admitted they could not access this RCC material anymore. I settled for a large check.

    I am soon moving to the NW part of the USA and my wife suggested I should sell it as I was never going to use it anyway.

    It is serial # 469/500. The saddle leather inside still has that new leather fragrance that is unique to Hermès. Craftsmanship is superb, of course. Again, this is brand new in box, with a protective cover, a key holder and two keys. It comes in its original box and an apology letter from Hermès.

    Price back then was $8,850 when a large Crocodile Kelly handbag was $15,000. Now that Kelly goes for well over $50,000…

    From time to time one appears on eBay, often in poor condition. This one is new and has never ever been used.

    I am offering this space (pun intended) capsule for $16,000.

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    One of the cooler items I've seen on FCHAT.
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    John P
    That is really cool.
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    Mitch D
    Yes this is outrageously cool!! GL with the sale, its really amazing.
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    Agreed with everyone else--really cool. And thanks for the detailed description. GLWS
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    You overpaid. I got one (without a serial number- must have been the prototype and worth even more!) in New York for $250. Had the tags on it still and everything. Guy was selling Rolex watches and Prada bags too right out of his trunk. ;-)

    Cool story! And like a previous poster said, one of the cooler items I have seen on FChat.
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    Arthur Dent
    I have zero use for this, and I want it anyway. Too cool.
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    Peter B.
    It's gorgeous :)
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    St Mark
    Jules and Vincent should've had that one, just to add to the lore!

    Sweet! :)
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    Bump for carbon, and the seller is pretty nice too!
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    Absolutely sensational! GLWS!
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    I didn't know a briefcase could be so awesome.
  15. WilyB

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    It is beautiful indeed, thank you, and still available. I am open to reasonable offers. :)
  16. PhantomCypher

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    Here's your first offer.

    I'll offer you what it was worth new.
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    @PhamtomCypher: So sorry it took me a month to read your post. PM sent.
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    I have not heard from Phantom, so I guess the Hermès Espace attaché-case in reinforced carbon-carbon is still available, for $9,000 FedeEx included to the contiguous 48-states.
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    New Price for Xmas 2018: $8,850, FedeEx included to the contiguous 48-states.

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