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Discussion in 'Collectables, Literature, & Models' started by ianlow32, Jan 14, 2004.

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  1. ianlow32

    ianlow32 Rookie

    Jan 12, 2004
    Would like to comment on HW diecasts. When they first came out with the ferrari f399, many complained about the lack of quality of the cars when compare with Minichamps and the very excellent Exoto series, both obviously more expensive as well.

    But the past 2 years, I have noticed that HW have seemed to improve quite a bit. The F2002 Canadian GP 150 wins was a superb edition, and the 1st I have seen with race dirt splattered across the car.

    This year, the F2003-GA 999 Canadian GP replicates the earlier edition, with very accurate and realistic looking gills. And check out the Jordon, it even has raindrops recreated on the car, with an actual piece of the car.

    This year's Chrome F2003-GA shows that HW is following Exoto's aluminium f412 car, and the Suzuka edition of Rubino and Schumi hugging each other over a fence ... again shows HW really serious about special editions.

    And their prices have not yet reached Minichamps and Exoto levels, although, of course Exoto is really in a class of its own with the details. But still, I must really praise HW for doing so much improvement over the last few years.

    Below are my own fav HW models:

    1. World Champion F1-2000 1:18

    Only one with a dust cover for 1:18 edition and although no special treatment like brake dust etc, the car still looks beautiful and the 1st raised arm in a HW car, I believe. Supposed to be modeled after the Suzuka race car, but its not mentioned on the box or anywhere. Still, beautiful.

    2. 999 Canadian GP F2003-GA 1:18

    Wonderful detail and additions like brake dust and raised arm. Beautiful, in a word. Only missing a dust cover.

    3. World Champion F2002 1:18

    Modeled after the Magny Cour race car, it has a beautiful silver base with Schumi sitting on the side of the cockpit with raised arms. My fav F2002 car yet.

    4. F1-2000 King of Rain 1:18

    First HW car to be something different, with wet tyres and different looking base and even the box is unique at that time. The car is an improvement over the standard race edition and at only 9999 pcs, very rare indeed.

    5. F2001 Premier Edition 1:18

    It's actually the F1-2000 car but with F2001 livery, though you cannot really tell if you dont look closely. First HW Ferrari car to have the no.1 on it, and is rumoured to have only 5000 pcs.

    6. F2002 150wins Canadian GP 1:18

    First HW car to have brake dust and different base. Very realistic looking and my first HW Ferrari.

    7. 3 Ferrari Car set 1:43 F1-2000/F2001/F2002

    My fav 1:43 set, 3 winning Ferrari cars, side by side, modeled after different races. Only F1-2000 has brake dust, but still, the sight of all 3 cars lining up against one another is breathtaking.

    Lets have some of your own fav models!

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