House Bill 2893

Discussion in 'Texas' started by GrigioGuy, Apr 2, 2005.

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    Yes, I have one
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    (a) Commencing not later than January 1, 2006, the department shall issue or contract for the issuance of special inspection certificates to be affixed to motor vehicles that are inspected and found to be in proper and safe condition under Chapter 548.

    (b) An inspection certificate under this section must contain a tamper-resistant transponder, and at a minimum, be capable of storing:
    (1) the transponder's unique identification number;
    (2) the make, model, and vehicle identification number of the vehicle to which the certificate is affixed.

    (c) In addition, the transponder must be compatible with:
    (1) the automated vehicle registration and certificate of title system established by the Texas Department of Transportation; and
    (2) interoperability standards established by the Texas Department of Transportation and other entities for use of the system of toll roads and toll facilities in this state.

    Sec. 601.508. CIVIL PENALTY.
    (a) If an electronic reading device detects and identifies a motor vehicle to which a special inspection certificate is affixed that is not covered by a motor vehicle liability insurance policy that provides the minimum coverages required by this chapter, on verification of the information and issuance of a written notice of noncompliance, the registered owner of the vehicle is liable to the state for the payment of a civil penalty in the amount of $250.

    (b) In connection with the same vehicle, until the 60th day after the date of issuance of a written notice under Subsection (a), the registered owner is not liable for the payment of another civil penalty under this subchapter if that vehicle is subsequently detected and identified by an electronic reading device and determined not to be covered by an appropriate motor vehicle liability insurance policy.

    Check out that bottom sentence. No double punishment.
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    Tillman - A hundred thanks for that link. Looks like the primary intention of this bill is stricter enforcement of financial responsibility (insurance) laws.

    Fact: Uninsured drivers and vehicles are a problem. Fake insurance cards are a problem.

    My opinion: Making it easier for local government to collect revenues at the insurance industry's expense (by requiring the comapnies to notify the state every time someone cancels a policy, adds a car to their policy, etc.) isn't the answer.

    And who is gonna pay for these transponders? Are registration fees going to go up?

    Ah, notice this last part? So now, in addition to paying tolls well after they've been paid for, we now could be taxed again if we happen roll through a toll booth the day after you inspection sticker expires?

    Read the section Wax points out: If you get the insurance ticket, you can't get another ticket, for say, expired inspection. But what if the transponder tells the officer you DO have insurance (which is supposedly the primary purpose of the transponder) but you have expired stickers?

    Call your representative and raise these questions with them. I'm going to.
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    If this helps keep all the uninsured jackasses off the road that cause major accidents, I'm all for it. As for the tollbooth issue, I would hope there would be some type of grace period. (10 or 15 days)
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    will something like this even hold up in court? I have toll tags that do not always work. what kind of burden of proof will the state have in this case? especialy if they do not have an officer present at the time of the violation.

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