How do you have multiple high end cars?

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    I grew up poor... Like parents were drug addicts, I had to steal my own food daily, no electricity poor.
    I joined the Marines, finished my education, worked really hard, built a successful business, and now by most people's meter; I now have some wealth.

    I currently have in the garage...
    2001 twin turbo widebody corvette
    2005 F430
    2012 Jeep Wrangler on 35's (wifes)
    2020 range rover
    2004 Honda Element (315k on the odometer)

    I am in a position to buy a 2016 Huracan, but am feeling guilty... Almost like I do not deserve the blessings I have... Wifey doesn't care about the purchase since we have no debt... and I'm no where near retirement age.(47 years old).. .

    So how do you justify having multiple high end cars that you only drive 2-3k miles a year?
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    I stopped justifying it and started selling them. I just got over owning stuff. Sold my boat, sold a bunch of real estate that had appreciated in value. I got to a point where my stuff was owning me. I'm 45 years old.

    I do still have a G63 and a Challenge Stradale. Both of which I love and probably won't be selling. I own 1 home and zero vacation real estate. If there is ever another recession and prices come down again maybe I'll start buying again.
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    Insurance kills me— with ten vehicles at a hundred or more a month.

    An occasional Cars and Coffee does the soul good.
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    live within your means.... save a little, spend a little... who knows when your time is up.

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    I don't have any debt.. and adding this car wont effect my plan for retirement or anything... Its more a guilt thing..
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    You need to nip "guilt" in the bud. There's zero reason to feel guilty. That's purely psychological. It's your money. Do what you want in life.

    I learned that I'm too OCD to own more stuff than I can take care of myself. Paying people to work on things for me doesn't work. Too many times I'm paying and they aren't doing what they say. You suffer from "guilt".... I suffer from that empty feeling of getting ripped off. Ha. I don't do it anymore.
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    This has to be the dumbest thread I've read in a while. OP, what are you looking to achieve? Validation that it's ok to spend your hard-earned money? Guilt is a personal thing... if you have to turn to a web forum for resolving it, then I'd say you should skip the car purchase and donate the money to charities. There's no way you can feel guilty about helping others in need.

    PS - I have exactly one special car (my 2005 F430) and manageable debt. That's the American way, LOL.
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    Great thread.

    Don’t feel guilty. I have my “buckets” that need to be filled (retirement funds, kids college, business reinvestment, charity, whatever, etc). Once those buckets are filled, then I’m free to spend away. Or not. Depends on my mood...or if something really cool happens to come my way.

    It’s great to think about this stuff once in a while and to know that others have the same questions.

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    Brian Crall
    You won life's lottery and were born in America. Worked hard, did the right thing and made good decisions when many around you were not. You have zero, zip, nada to feel guilty about. Buy what you want, then do something for a good charity and sleep well.
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  10. ross

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    you only live once and you cant take it with you.
    so live !
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    Jul 18, 2014

    Look at my dog. It barks constantly, makes messes, hair all over everything, gotta walk it twice a day and chewed up my new sneakers.
    BUT, when I come home, there he is wagging his tail and I smile. He makes me happy. I think I'll keep him.
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    F what anyone else thinks....that's what I say...
  13. Bill ochrane

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    William Cochrane
    I'm here to help.
    Buy the Huracan, but have it delivered to my house.
    I promise I won't tell anyone it belongs to you.
    You have unlimited visitation.
    No guilt.
    Problem solved!
    You're welcome.
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    If you can afford it buy it ..I got over the guilt thing but I have worked hard and can buy nice things so I do..
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    First of all, thank you Marine, E1 to O10, youre a rifleman!

    If it makes you happy do it! 2 exotics doesn't make me anymore happy than having 1, and I don't want to pay for both and only use 1. Therefore, I replaced my 430 with a huracan to supplement my S63. Owning a business definitely helps put me in the right direction to success, and I definitely drive more than 3k a year to justify my cost.
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    Went to my step-moms funeral week last Sunday. Real surprise when she died of intestinal cancer last month. She didn't expect it, nobody expected it. Less than 3 months from diagnosis and she's gone. Had we known we would have visited. OTOH, the memory I have of her is what I want to remember her by.. though I would have liked for her to see her grandchild once more.

    If you have 3 months to live your life... what are you going to do? 3 months, 3 years 30 years... Are you going to give a **** about your conscience about buying some car? Live your life man. Live it. Sorry that you have impostor syndrome, but that's for you to work through.

    I've got my little collection... 360, 997, Stick Cayenne, wifes A4. The rub is driving all of them. Lesson I've learned is to enjoy the collection.. for me it should be small enough that I can drive it often. Even with *only* 4 cars, finding time to drive them starts wearing thin. That and insurance can be a bear. I can feel it though, it's not how much I have it's the TIME that I have that really matters to me. For me it's pleasure and reward that I've worked for. I worked for my things and I can experience the pleasure. For DD cars, you spend so much time driving a year, why not be in a car you enjoy? Everyone has their "thing". Cars and watches are mine. Some like boats and grills... whatever inspires you.
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    Joe K.
    I want to like ^^^ that more than once. Well said, Curt.
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    Oct 10, 2019
    I get OPs feeling. For most people cars are transportation appliances. Having an exotic, unlike other hobbies yields itself to direct comparison with non car guy’s camry because you both own a car. So you feel like you have this expense line that your next door neighbor doesn’t.

    Reality though, is camry guy probably spends money on stuff you don’t. Vacay home, country club, golf, gambling addiction, hunting, fishing, boat etc.

    Not that we should all live our lives in comparison to our neighbors, but its a natural part of human psychology. If bigger priorities are taken care of, enjoy what makes you happy just like everyone else. Just because that is a car is irrelevant.
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    Life is all about choices. Good choices enrich your life; poor choices can make your life a nightmare.

    My wife and I lived in the Washington, DC area for over twenty five years. We got to hate the miserable weather and the local social fabric, if you can call it that. To provide an escape from both, we purchased a home on the Outer Banks of NC. We came to love the home and the region.

    On one weekend winter sojourn to our Outer Banks home, while enjoying a sunny day and 70 degree temps, I asked my wife why do drive five hours back and forth to a second home in order to escape a life in DC that we hated.

    That was a real eye opener question for both of us, and set in motion -- a choice. Six months later, we were now enjoying some 300 days of sunshine a year. It was the best move we could have made, and not just for the weather. For now, I was within a day's drive of two aunts and an uncle who I loved very much.

    Although my wife and I talk fondly about the Outer Banks, we would not exchange our time in the West for the lifestyle we had on the East Coast. We learned a valuable lesson. Life is not what you acquire; it is what you dispense. I have felt the pain of both my aunts and my uncle pass, but I am grateful for the time I had with them. I know we enriched them, and they enriched us. The time spent with them has meant more to my wife and I than anything we ever owned.
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    I don't
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    That’s the crux of it for me... Its not about the money, it’s about the time. I just don’t have the time to enjoy more than 1 toy car....not to mention the space to store them, or the patience to coordinate the maintenance of them.
    That said, I live where we have a 6 month driving season, and I also have other recreational pursuits to spread time on ...a boat, a pool and a jet ski..,all of which are somewhat underused. I just can’t spread myself any thinner, especially with a young kid I love spending time with, and if I did, I think I would feel more like the toys own me, than me owning the toys. And I don’t like that feeling.
    Sometimes I think some people that buy a lot of stuff, are trying to fill a bottomless hole inside them that can never be filled with more “stuff”. And that includes myself at times.
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  22. SlowScud

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    Agree 100% with time comment. Im in the exact same boat. Above definitely applies to some. Others I know don’t have kids or kids are out of the house so they do have the time and just really love cars. And others just have lots of money and a few million $ in cars is just not that big of a deal to them.

    Point is, if driving great cars is what you love doing treat the cost like you would any other past time or hobby and don't apologize for it. And for the love of god drive the car and get what you paid for. If you’re not driving you are just collecting trophies which is not what this hobby should be about in my opinion. Hate listening to people brag about owning x,y,z with no comment on how it drives or what makes it special to them.
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  23. becausephilchow

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    Aug 26, 2016
    I don't think about it. If I can afford it, and I want it, I'll buy it. I work hard enough. I just make sure none of my purchases will affect my "home-life".

    But, I do completely understand/agree about the costs of having a collection, and also enjoying them. I ended up selling a few recently, since I barely drove them. I used to own multiple "cheaper" cars, but, I figure now it's better to consolidate into one or two more "expensive" cars. Only have 1 set of hands/feet, can only drive one at a time, haha.

    Maybe when I become wealthier, then I'll be able to justify having many more cars and just not caring whether I drive them or not.

    In fact, I actually haven't even driven my 360 in about 2-Months at this point, haha. I've been driving other things, I do feel I've been neglecting the 360 though, haha.
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    I think everyone missed the point here. Don't you guys see? The guilt is obviously coming from wanting to buy a Lamborghini.
    Forget the Lamborghini, and buy a Ferrari!
    There, no more guilt...…..You're welcome
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    You "are in a position to buy" but it doesn't seem like it's calling you. I'd say if you want another car but it's not really calling you, go with an older one, for instance a Diablo, that's similar price but already towards the bottom of the depreciation curve. Less loss if you change your mind.
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