how do you replace air vents?

Discussion in '360/430' started by weebz69, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. weebz69

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    Jason W.
    Hey guys I want to install F430 air vents into my 360. My question is do they just pop out with a screw driver or is there some secret to removing the old ones?
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  4. hakankuy

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    It is an easy DIY job. But you have to be careful whle installing new ones. Alignment is important. You will need a small screw driver probably where you have to use it gently while removing the old ones. If the new ones are not enough tight-fitting you may use tiny amount of black silicone or etc. to fix it.
    I tried 430 ones but it did not match the general looking of dashboard (it looks so modern according to 360 dashboard) imo, then I went for 550/575 vents and those made me happy. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture.
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    I recently replaced the vents in my 360 with the 430 (as well as the 430 AC control unit upgrade) and wanted to share a quick tip and resources i found.

    This post and responses to it in the Pic of your 360 or 430 you took today or recently thread led me down the "small hook" approach.

    somehow I also got to this video which was an excellent resource:

    the tip -- a cheap source of the small hook that fits perfectly is this -- ladder hanger from Home Depot

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    I actually had them on hand and thought of giving a try and it worked perfectly. I had a pair but only used one -- a little tricky to thread through the vent and a quick tug and the vent popped out no problem. they're coated in vinyl so you don't have to worry about them tearing up your finish, and they're only $3 if you're already at HomeDepot.

    Just for consolodation of resources, here are other Fchat threads I used:

    Vents I purchased used from Eurospares (they were by FAR the most cost effective), part number is 68811300 if you'd like to try elsewhere

    and finally, pics for posterity:

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    IMG_0283 by performify, on Flickr

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    IMG_0284 by performify, on Flickr

    yes, the temperature display is in Celcius... it was half the price and I'm fine with it :)
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  7. LP360

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    Jun 12, 2016
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