How many 575M's and 550's have been built?

Discussion in '456/550/575' started by ceeagr, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. ceeagr

    ceeagr Karting

    Jul 7, 2004
    Docklands London
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    Just interested how exclusive or otherwise these are.

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  3. maranelloman

    maranelloman Guest

    Apparently far too many, given how much they have depreciated & continue to depreciate.

    Ask me how I know...
  4. ceeagr

    ceeagr Karting

    Jul 7, 2004
    Docklands London
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    The UK web site recons for 550's that 3073 had been made by th eend of 2001. with 457 coming to the UK. That kinda makes me think that it was limited to say 4000 with 500 coming to the UK. I suspect that less 575's might be around?
  5. Texas Forever

    Texas Forever Four Time F1 World Champ
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    Apr 28, 2003
    The number I have for 550s is a total production of 3,715, with roughly 1,000 in the US. While small by most standards, they are not rare by Ferrari standards.
  6. Doody

    Doody F1 Veteran

    Nov 16, 2001
    MA USA
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    Mr. Doody
    fyi - that 3,715 is purportedly according to FSpA via Cavallino magazine.

    so in theory it's accurate. that number reportedly does not include the 448 550 Barchetta Pininfarinas.

    has anybody asked FNA what the NA numbers are? i know they're touchy about (or not easily capable of) releasing data until the model is done with, and maybe they consider the Maranello still in production.

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  8. garysp7

    garysp7 Formula Junior

    Mar 28, 2004
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    While I agree that about 3700 or so 550's is more than say 1300 365 GTB4 Daytonas produced, I think w need to keep in perspective that there are more people buying thse cars today than thirty years ago.
    Look at how many Testarossas were produced. Over 7000 I believe.
    Look at how many 360's are out there. By those numbers I would say 550/575 numbers are still relatively small.
    You need to remember to divide that 3700 by all the countries that get some of them.
    I do feel thirty years from now a 550 or 575 in a garage will be just like a Daytona.
    I don't think I will ever sell mine, which I have not gotten yet:), maybe just add another model in a few years.
  9. Auraraptor

    Auraraptor F1 World Champ
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    Sep 25, 2002
    Wow I always suspected it was more around 5k. What are the 456 numbers? I would imagine they are even lower.

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