How much are old F1 cars worth?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by mred, Sep 30, 2004.

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    how much are old F1 cars worth? I have seen a few mid 90's Ferrari F1 cars for sale in $1M range but of course these have a lot of prestige due to the brand and the drivers. What about a modern car from a lesser known team? I found this post on an M5 message board for a 91 car that Schumacher drove. The owner wants about $175k for it. Obviously it would be quite difficult to keep running but for a little more than a 360 challenge, track days could get pretty crazy. I heard a rumor that some guy in eastern asia drives one around on the street "Driven" style. I was just wondering what the market is like for these cars. I am not in it yet but they seem like fun toys that could serve as a nice catalyst for people with more money than sense or driving skills to eliminate themselves from the gene pool.
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    Ferrari has a program where you pay a couple million and you get a recent F1 car with support for weekend racing. Sounds freakin awesome to me. I could only dream. They were just talking about it on speed during Ferrari vintage racing.
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    Schumacher's Benettons from 1994 and 1995 were for sale recently for between the $500k - $750k mark.

    F1 cars less than 5 years old are generally $1 million +. The older the car and the less noteable the team, the less the car is. Achievements like race wins, pole positions and fastest laps can increase the value.

    Btw, the Ferrari program that is being spoken of is called Corse Clienti ("Racing Owners").
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    I remember reading in Sports Car Market a couple of months ago about an ex-Schumacher car from 2000. The chassis had one 4 races, including the USGP. It was also the car he clinched the first WDC for Ferrari in twenty years. The car sold for $1.6M.

    It would be difficult to imagine a modern F1 car with more race history & wins that would currently be available. This car would probably represent the extreme top end of the spectrum of prices.

    It actually seems like the buyer may have gotten a good deal.
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    Jason W
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    The challange would be ......What happens when she breaks??!!!
    I am sure they need to be tuned OFTEN!!!!

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