How to make the rear window of a cabrio top transparent again?

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by stekkefun4, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Which product or other chemical is best to remove these clouds from the rear screen? I was thinking of vinegar . Has someone tried this before ? I think the clouds are caused by humidity because this car has been standing outside for over a year.
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    a clear plastic cleaner is what you want. Its a polishing cream like that used for glass cooktops. Meguiars, Giots several brands have them. Be very careful not to get it on the top very hard to get out of the fabric.
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    Also check your local motorcycle cycle shop/dealer on products to use on motorcycle windshields.

    Not sure if the headlight restore product is too harsh since the CAB window is rather thin.

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    It does not look too bad, should polish out nicely. I have had success with Zaino's product, but there are many out there that do the job.

    A novel choice with a following is Prism. Seems to polish pretty much anything, boat guys use it a lot.

    I am still on my original 30 year old convertible roof on my Mondial, looks nearly new. Use 303 Aerospace protectant after polishing, and you won't have to do it again.
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    There are two types of cloud. Having driven many cabs with plastic rear windows you can treat one condition and not the other.

    1. If the cloud is on the surface, which is not very often the case I'm afraid.. You have your answers already ;-)
    2. If the cloud is in the plastic then the only way is to get the plastic out and put in a new one. Older windows usually are also a bit yellowish.

    Of the 5 cabs I had only with 1 I could polish it away. Don't get me wrong as when you polish it will always look better then it was, but it simply isn't going to be the remedy.

    If you know a good upholstery shop it would not cost more then 150 euro when you take of the top yourself and bring it to them. Sewing in a new window is not enough though. in between the stich and the fabric some kind of waterproof double sided tape should be placed. Ask the upholstery and they will know. If they don't know... walk away and find someone else :)

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