How to remove A pillar trim?

Discussion in '308/328' started by jferazzi, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. jferazzi

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    In a somewhat related item to my "what's going on with the fuse block" post, I'm trying to remove an old power cord for, I'm guessing, a radar detector. It's embedded in the trim behind the passenger side visor and I assume runs down the A pillar. I'm not sure how they go it in there in the first place - guessing they would have needed to remove some of the trim. In order to remove the wire, would all of the trim have to come off (like around the sun visor)? I tried pulling on the wire but it doesn't want to budge. If I need to remove trim, any advice? Here are some pictures:

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    If I need to remove the A pillar trim, how do I do that? It looks like that narrow center piece should pop out. I tried pulling on it but it didn't just pop right out and I didn't want to damage anything if that's not how to properly remove it. I tried doing a search but couldn't come up with anything.

    Thanks for any info!
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  3. AZDoug

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    The center piece is held in with some plastic split pins, with 'hooks" on the ends. It will pop out, there are three pins, top, bottom and middle.
    If you somehow break the pins because of age, you can buy a suitable replacement at a hardware store, though you will have to remove and replace the vinyl cover on the backing strip to do so.

    A very wide pry tool is what is needed, something with a 90* bend in it, like maybe a 2" putty spatula, with the wide face bent at 90* ~ 1/2" deep, would be ideal, to pop the center strip loose.

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  4. ClydeM

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    my '83 GTB has a small phillips screw at the top where you must slide down the black vinyl to reveal (and tuck back in for hiding it) and either one or two metal clips that resemble those ancillary clips that hold paper to clipboards (not the clip at the top). Sorry for the vagueness. There are pics in the archives.

    Mine has no plastic clips.
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    Use a plastic tool, like a teflon egg flip to (gently) pry it off. The trim on the top rail is held by phillips head screws. Once you've removed the cover strip, the A pillar trim is held by rivets, which have probably been drilled out and replaced with self-tappers, if someone's run a wire up there.
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