HPX Ignition install on Dino 246

Discussion in '206/246' started by dm_n_stuff, May 5, 2004.

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    Anyone out there done a retro fit of the HPX Ignition system on their Dino? I talked to Nick at Nick's Forza Ferrari yesterday, at length, about installing the system on my car.

    He's never done a 246 Dino, but suggests that attaching the trigger wheel to the cam over the crank. I'm no mechanic, so, I'm looking for some advice here.

    In as much as the original Dinoplex unit was replaced with an electronic one about 20 years ago, this is probably an upgrade that is long overdue. The current system wil not advance or retard timing, so I'm stuck with a timing compromised system. The HPX has three settings, based on RPMs, for timing, and a rev limited that stages, not just cuts out, the spark.

    So, have you guys done or considered the HPX ststem?
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