For Sale HRE Competition Forged Wheels (19"x9.5" and 11.5") for F430, 430 Scuderia, 360, Stradale

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    HRE Competition C90

    These are the lightest/strongest wheels made by HRE for Track use. Their cost new exceeds $11,000.

    Wheels are 3-pieces, and HRE sells the inner drum, outer drum or centers as spares.

    The hardware fasterners are all made in Titanium. The wheels are aluminum forged.

    The wheeel offsets were specifically designed for the following cars:

    360 Modena
    360 Stradale
    Scuderia/16M (in these 2 cars, a 5mm spacer is needed, it is sold by HRE and it is not included in this sale)

    Price (including shipping via UPS Ground): $4,400

    Wheels are in good conditions, they were tracked for less than 1,000 track miles. There are a few scratches (pictures show) from debris, balancing weights, mounting/dismounting race tires.

    I'm shipping the wheels with Pirelli Ferrari Challenge slicks, but the tires are not to be used, you can choose to buy the wheels without tires for an extra $200 (yes, the price goes up if I have to remote the tires). You can test fit the wheel/tires combo, as these are the fastest tires I ran on this platform. The Ferrari Challenge tires are available for sale as used scrubs for drivers to use at track days, and even some competitive events. I have alignment setup and tire pressures data for the buyer if the intent is to use these slicks on the street car.

    There are no modifications needed to the cars described above, no rubbing inside or out.

    These wheels allow the cars above to use from 245/275 front tires, and 295/325 rear tires with no clearance issues, many track tires in 19" are available in these widths.

    Wheels are available for local pickup in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale), and final price can be reduced.
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