Hurricane Eye Safety

Discussion in 'Florida' started by eyeman1234, Sep 5, 2017.

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    John E
    Great advise - it is looking really bad - lived in the keys 46 years but never saw something like this - I would be gone tonight!
  2. Melvin Mobley

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    Melvin V Mobley
    Thanks for sharing the great advice.
  3. Rosso328

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    Hopefully, none of us will need this advice any time soon.

    I just invested $10K or so on a form of hurricane insurance - bought a whole home generator. Naturally, after spending that, no major storm will come anywhere near Orlando any time soon.

    You’re welcome.
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    Barton Workman
    I've been saying that one Hurricane per decade is enough not unlike 2004 when we
    had like (what?) four or five? Damn, that sucked...

    Irma caused a lot of hardship in Florida last year and hopefully we don't get a repeat
    this year.

  5. Wade

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    Wade O.
    After experiencing so many storms, and then going ten years without a hurricane, we figured it was about time for a whole house generator. We completed the installation about 10 days before Irma hit. It worked as advertised. :)
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