I Cavalli Da Corsa: Steeplechase and CMP Track Day 11/16-18

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    Greetings Ferrari owners and Motoring Enthusiast:

    Pleaes note the following event for November 16-18th in Camden SC being held in conjuction with the Colonial Cup

    The event includes multiple activities, one of which is the Track Event on November 17th at Carolina Motorsports Park with the announcement of the Carolina Motorsports Club.

    Additional activities include a Friday Night BLUE JEANS, BLUEGRASS, BBQ AND OYSTERS festival, Saturday night reception at the beautiful private home of the Schreiners, once the estate of Marian duPont Scott, and the Colonial Cup on Sunday with private tent, catering, and front row parking.

    Please let me know ASAP if you wish to attend as we must book the local hotel rooms immediately. Also, I need to get you our tech forms for the track. This event will be first class. If you have been to the Colonial Cup, you know that a Jacket and tie or turtle neck is recomended for Sunday. Trust me, this will be a first for my Ferrari Challenge.

    A Dopo,

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  3. Juan-Manuel Fantango

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    Jan 18, 2004
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    Come on over to SC folks, the racecourse is fine for both Horses and Horsepower!

    About Camden...


    Camden, the oldest existing inland town in the state, was part of a township plan ordered by King George II in 1730. The frontier settlement, initially named Fredericksburg Township, took hold by the 1750s, as Quakers and Scots-Irish emigrants and settlers from Virginia put down roots.

    Joseph Kershaw, a native of Yorkshire, England, arrived in 1758 and established a store for a Charleston mercantile firm. He prospered and by 1768 the town was the inland trade center in the colony. At his suggestion, the town became Camden, in honor of Lord Camden, champion of colonial rights.

    In May of 1780 the American Revolution returned to Charleston. It fell. Lord Charles Cornwallis and 2,500 British troops immediately marched to Camden and set up the main British supply post for the Southern Campaign. For eleven months the citizens of Camden understood the atrocities of war.

    Two battles were fought near by. The Battle of Camden, the worst American battle defeat of the Revolution, was fought on August 16, 1780 nine miles north of our museum. Nearby, General Nathanael Greene and approximately 1,400 Americans engaged 950 British soldiers commanded by Lord Francis Rawdon on April 25, 1781. It was a costly British win and forced the Redcoats to evacuate Camden.


    Spend a few peaceful hours where the British spent a rough year! Visitors may choose a guided or self-guided tour to learn about Camden's early history, with focus on the Colonial and Revolutionary eras. The 107-acre outdoor museum complex includes the town site of 18th century Camden, the restored and furnished 1785 John Craven House, Cunningham House circa 1830 (tour office and gift shop), two early 19th century logs cabins with exhibits, partially restored 1795 McCaa House, reconstructions of some of the military fortifications, the reconstructed and furnished Joseph Kershaw mansion, headquarters for Lord Cornwallis, a blacksmith exhibit and a .6-mile Nature Trail. Those wishing to stretch their legs will enjoy the Old Camden Trace, a 3.5 mile walk through Historic Camden, the Nature Trail, the 1758 Quaker Cemetery and numerous other landmarks of early Camden. Historic Camden is an affiliated area of the National Park Service.
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    So far, we have about twenty that have committed and many others that have not registered yet.
    I believe many will come Saturday for track day. C'mon, where else can you track your car for less
    than $200? I'm not sure how many the Porsche Club will be bringing, but I do know that Karl Troy,
    John Finger, and Roland Linder will be there. We're planning on giving rides for charity. And on
    Sunday, at the Colonial Cup, C.C. Canada has booked a band for our hospitality tent! Now that
    should be fun.
  5. Juan-Manuel Fantango

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    Jan 18, 2004
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    looking for a great get away....? 17 cars for the track now and counting-Horse race for the horses! Steeplechase on Sunday.

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