I didn't think I'd see it this fast, ICE is history...

Discussion in 'F1' started by johnireland, Sep 6, 2020.

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    I do not think it will be over for ICE cars that far. Most posters here are focusing on the EU.

    For example, people over here still favours ICE. There's no way anyone wants to wait 45 mins for a charge while halfway down a 600 km journey. The speed limit here on highways are 110 km/h. Many, including me, do not follow this, as I average around 140 whilst most do 150-160 here.

    The weather here means the AC is always switched on with the coolest mode. People here are always in the hurry to get to places. Manufacturers have to spend tonnes to invest in EV charging stations here, and frankly, it will never take off due to costs.

    The whole EV nonsense might work in EU, at most Japan (however they prefer the Shinkansen even vs flights), and at maybe certain parts of China. No way the rest of Asia will adopt this EV crap.
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    And at the other end, a healthier society places less burden on its heatlh services.

    At the rate things are going people will be cooped up in their boxes with most things possible online.

    George Orwell was onto something !
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    Same in Africa. The whole continent suffers every single day with major power outages. EV are not going to invade African streets and roads anytime soon. The African continent will first « swallow » all ICE vehicles that Europe and the US will ban! :)
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