I finally bit the bullet - now own a 1993 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

Discussion in 'British' started by spirot, Nov 16, 2020.

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    This is an excellent idea. I wish I could get something similar for my Corniche.

    Unfortunately, the two things I dislike about my car is the original radio (Delco from a Chevy Citation), and the digital gauges.

    I don’t know what was going on with Rolls-Royce during this period, but they sourced a 2 DIN radio from Delco. This doesn’t leave a lot of “retro” alternatives. I did see a McIntosh head unit that would fit. I may eventually install one. I wish I had one of the late Corniches with the Blaupunkt head unit. I’d buy that replacement in a heartbeat.

    The digital gauges were eventually replaced by analog a few years later. So they went from analog to digital... and then back to analog.

    Gotta love the 80s.
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  3. Bluebottle

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    Digital watches all the rage then, too:

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    Apr 16, 2017
  5. spirot

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    Tom Spiro
    Ive been driving the RR a lot recently, and so far its been pretty good. I've been running some fuel injector cleaner through the system, and just trying to test its limits... ( kind of to see what else will break...)... yesterday started to see some smoke from under the car... so assuming something is leaking on the headers... not sure what..... its always something! I have an annoying clunking noise from the right rear ... that I think is part of the hydraulic system and the suspension... its funny it only really cranks up when turning left... making a right turn no noise. So adding that to the list.

    for music - I remembered that Mercedes gave out a Bose Bluetooth speaker at last years F-1 race - so now I have a place for it... it sounds great!!! so I think that is what I'll use and not have to fool with the head unit ... but I will still play around with the CD changer and see what is causing it not to work....

    other than the clunking noise and whatever is leaking - central locking is next on the list...
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  6. Jamie H

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    Congratulations. PMC indeed. Enjoy it !!
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