I just put solid motor mounts on my 308

Discussion in '308/328' started by luckydynes, May 14, 2011.

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    I know this thread is a few years old now, but just wanted to see if there are any updates to running this setup. The engine is a heavy aluminium lump and hitting a bump in the road with solid rear mounts does worry me a bit.

    By running solid mounts are there any risks to fracturing the engine casing where the metal brackets attach to.

    I've bought a pair of the prothane mounts to fit on the front of the engine, but I'm intending to buy the Hills Engineering for the rear. The car will be used mainly on the road and some track use.

    I have a very limited budget, so could not afford to have any damage to the engine mounts.

    Any updates or advice would be appreciated
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