Sold I Quit! Ferrari Valve Shims For Sale- 575 Pieces

Discussion in 'Ferrari Parts & Collectibles' started by Rick Charles, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Jun 14, 2019
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    Did you know that all four valve engines were built with the valves uncapped? They were allowed to beat their own seats. TR's and 512's got a valve adjustment at 1000 miles. I worked for FAF Motorcars. I've probably built somewhere between 60-70 Ferrari engines from early 55 mm crankshaft stuff to later 4 valve engines. I am selling off all my leftover tools, parts, manuals, etc. This is a selections of valve shims- I will NOT sell separate shims. Included in this are 7 & 8 mm seal tools, 7 & 8 mm seal installation protection sleeves, 330 spring seats, a ton of OEM 'pasta' (Teflon), 7 & 8 mm valve seals (I never used them on any engine or head I rebuilt), 575+ total shims (organized)- 256 of them are new (118 - 4 valve, 138 - 2 valve). $750.00, shipping weight 40lbs. Inventory of shims attatched. Money order or paypal only

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