If "My" Planes Could Talk: Oh, the Stories They Could Tell....

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    I figured that I'd share with you guys some pictures from my current workplace.

    I recently joined this company and thought you guys would enjoy the pics.

    The company (I'll let you smart people figure out which one it is ;) ) has an inventory of classic and operational airworthy aircraft including:
    C-46 Commandos
    King Air A90's
    and at least one Norseman

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    Apr 23, 2009

    Buffalo airways
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    Joe Radosky
    Personal Life: I have been flying 36 years, and have had a multitude of interesting experiences, but the one that seems to stick in my mind is when my 1955 Aero Commander 560 lost and engine....specifically, it broke apart. The #6 cylinder left the engine and the crankshaft snapped and about 18" of the engine casing was gone, and this all happened in a rain storm over the Florida Everglades when I had a 5 people on board. Luckily, we had no fire....but had to limp back to local airport about 40 miles away.

    Professional Pilot:
    Had flown a Boeing 707 and the nose landing gear would not extend as we flew into Bermuda.
    Another time, we had in-flight fire in cabin as passengers could smoke back in the day, and when turbulence mixed with souvenirs from the Bahamas Straw Market...we had some busy flight attendant

    Have my share of stories and gray hair

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