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    I am trying to fill in gaps in my car’s (330 GTC #9567) early history prior to 1976. It was delivered new in Italy and, according to Italian records obtained by Marcel, was eventually exported to the US (port of entry unknown) in or about June 1972. I’m advised that Gerald Roush did not track serial numbers and owners before about 1975, so FML does not have any relevant records. Does anyone on this board have knowledge or experience in obtaining import records from US Customs, such as by a FOIA request, or any other insights into how to track down vehicle owners/registrations in the early 70’s?
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    You used to be able to get them from DOT, but that related to compliance. A 1967 car wouldn't have required a release from DOT, I think.

    Can you still get compliance paperwork from DOT these days? I did it, but that was back when Dick Merritt was still there.

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