Instructor Recruitment: 2018 FCA Annual Meet @ WGI

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    The Empire State Region of the Ferrari Club of America will host the Ferrari Club of America's International Meet at Watkins Glen International in September 2018. A Ferrari Club of America International Meet is a national, multiple-day event which is always staged close to a celebrated race track. While the International Meet focuses on the presentation and evaluation of Ferraris, the Driver Development Track Event of the International Meet also serves a very significant purpose. In 2018, the Driver Development Track Event is scheduled over four days--17-20 September (M-Th).

    The current schedule and general details for the 2018 Annual Meet can be found here:

    The number of available instructor openings is limited, and instructors run at no cost. Instructors have the following registrations options:

    Option 1: Four-day Registration (Monday, 17 September, through Thursday, 20 September)

    Option 2: Two-day Registration (Monday, 17 September, and Tuesday, 18 September)

    Option 3: Two-day Registration (Wednesday, 19 September, and Thursday, 20 September)

    Following Ferrari Club of America regulations, instructors should have well-established credentials as racing or track event instructors/coaches with recognized track driving or racing schools (e.g., SCCA, PCA, BMW CCA, Skip Barber, Bob Bondurant, Bertil Roos, etc). Years of track experience as a racer or track driver are not sufficient. Membership in the FCA is not required.

    FerrariChat members who are certified instructors and who would like to instruct at the Ferrari Club of America's 2018 International Meet at the Glen should

    (i) be able to provide verification of their formal instructor certification;

    (ii) have experience instructing at Watkins Glen International; and

    (iii) be in good standing with the primary track driving or racing organization with which they work regularly.

    Instructor resumes or requests for more information can be sent to

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    Watkins Glen International 2-3 May 2018 event registration is still open for all run groups.


    Full Nomex / Carbon X gear is required for all occupants of cars in the Blue and Red groups and in all race-prepped cars--regardless of the run group.
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