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Discussion in 'New England' started by jdb, Jul 30, 2004.

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    Thanks everyone for your help so far regarding local F-car service shops, etc. I'll be in my new place in Cambridge in two days!

    I just found out that my current insurance carrier, Progressive, doesn't underwrite policies in Massachusetts (?). Does anyone have advice on insurance carriers with whom I should talk? I want to insure my 355 for only a few thousand miles a year and also insure an M3 for probably 7,500 miles / year. I was thinking I might be able to get favorable rates with certain carriers that specialize in insuring low-annual-mileage vehicles.

    Also, does anyone have experience insuring a car that is garaged (i.e., not driven at all, so just insuring against damage or theft)?

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    I have similar coverage - on my 355 spider and also insured many vintage cars - non driving (only to shows). IMO the best insurance company for high-line cars is Chubb - they specialize in high-end (homes, auto, boats, etc). They may run a little higher than some carriers but when you compare their coverage and customer service - I think they are the best.

    If you are looking for the best price - Chubb will not be it - and especially if you do not cover your home and other things.

    There have been a few threads the last couple of months - do a search on Insurance up under the search tab and you will see some other options that could also fit for you...

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    Mister M
    I hope you have a good sealed garage in Cambridge!! The nearby dealer does offer winter storage and upkeep services, which probably are in line costwise with garage costs.(if u don't get more than 1 spot..)

    I use Haggerty for my lo mile cars, although they don't do current year cars in Mass. 25+ year old cars only. If you keep your CA plates- nevermind... You can also try Leland West, I don't think they are as tough on miles. They are big with Ferrari owners, and advertise a lot in FCA publications. They are based in Cali, BTW.

    I have also heard Amica has good Mass. rates, I have them a few miles north in NH, I am late 20s, no points, and I insure an 03 G35 Coupe for under a grand annually with full+++ coverages.

    Haggerty and Leland West have one other competitor, I can't recall the name now- all similar rates, and they are the most legit collector car insurers out there. Watch out for online companies that have no histories!!
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    Do a search in the archives, I think Doody wrote a comprehensive post about insurance in MA. Keep in mind that since you're moving to the People's Republic, auto insurance is a REGULATED INDUSTRY. That means the government determines what the carrier will charge you for insurance; basically all of us suburbanites pay extra to subsidize low cost insurance for city dwellers. Can a carrier charge you less (offer a discount)? Nope. Illegal. Some carriers offer a small discount if you belong to a certain group, or have the LOWEST possible safety rating, but that's it. Otherwise, the rates are the same no matter with whom you insure, so go with the one with the best customer service. Doody talked about this, so do a search.

    And insuring a BMW and a Ferrari in Cambridge? Man, I hope you've been saving your nickels... :)



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