Internet InVETTEment opportunity.

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    Greetings future millionaire Vettechatters!
    Congratulations, I am going to allow you to become RICH! Because of the SEC filings not yet being complete, I cannot divulge my name. Let it suffice to say I am the love child of Aaron Burr and Vanna White. Now, on to the good stuff. If you want to invest in my new internet company you can, because I am a genius and will net you BIG $$$$. I am a master of sales skilz, computer skilz, marketing skilz, and intraweb skilz. Mad skilz. (Oh yeah, and credit card skilz!) I will, upon consideration of your sincerity, possibly allow you to get rich quick by riding the coattails of my success. Because the TOP SECRET things I am doing are TOP SECRET and I am a PhD, you will have to trust me. What you will love the most though is my new marketing tool....a really cool car!.
    I have just purchased one of the most fantastic pieces of extraordinary automotive history and I will use it as a marketing tool in my newest venture. Remember, I am already so rich I don't need money, I just like the thrill so I will let all you guys (fellow Vettechatters) make all the profit! I only want to be able to show off the new promotion tool: A 1975 Greenwood Sebring 'Vette!
    The car has been full restored by a famous Sebring winning Vettechatter named Lynwood Roller. Since a lot of you have already heard the history of the car I will go ahead and say it: It is rebuilt from a stock 1972 Vega that was involved in a VERY minor nuclear explosion. Anyway, I'm off to Vegas to misplace a wad of 100's that I think I left in my sock. I'm sure it will wind up being lost in my comped Vegas penthouse suite and found by some lucky, lucky maid. Ha ha ha! C'est la Vie!! Then I will be off to showboat on a Vette rally to Reno! As soon as the rally is over I will accept your investment dollars, and then................UNLIMITED PROFITS FOR ALL!!!!!
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