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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Robgvx, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Robgvx

    Robgvx Formula Junior

    Oct 7, 2004
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    Just thought I'd run this past you guys. Some of you are no doubt old hands at the Ferrari buying game and just wanted your opinion.

    I recently placed order for a 2 year old 360 from a main dealer. It's a fair chunk of money and this has what has happened:

    When I did the deal I asked them to include in the price a) a service and belts (due in 9 months - I thought approved Ferraris had to have 12 months left in them to be sold through a main dealer..?), a challenge grille, and rectification of all the minor dings, scratches etc. I explained that I was paying a lot for the car and expected it to be prepped like new, within reason. No problem they said. Price was agreed on this basis.

    They also mentioned that they like to leave enough time to prep the car as a lot of people want them yesterday and it's better to have enough time to do everything properly. That was cool with me.

    So, they promise the car for 10 days time, and these promises remain, until 2 days before the delivery date when they announce that they 'forgot' to clear existing finance.

    I had arranged a trip out with the new car, based on their delivery date and had run around like a lunatic getting my side in order to ensure money's there on time. So, delivery date is missed. Bummer but no big deal really.

    Then they tell me that they are going to charge me for delivering the car. After the delay I tell them to get lost and they agree to deliver FOC.

    Then, a few days later, when the car is finally ready and previous finance is cleared I drive 2 1/2 hours to view it and no less than 20-odd scratches etc remain....

    Then they tell me that Challenge grille is on back order (which I knew) and they won't collect the car FOC for the grille when it comes in. They say I must wait 'till the service (10 months) and they'll fit it then.

    I complain and the general manager comes on and agrees to pick it up.

    Now I have to go see it again on Wednesday (2 1/2 hours drive again) and I'm thinking that there will still be something wrong...

    So, is it me? I had expected buying a 2 year old Ferrari would be a moment to treasure, but even though the problems seem to have been mostly resolved it's not been without a fight.

    What do you guys think?

    How much do you have to spend before dealers quit the whingeing about no money left in the deal?

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  3. twotoomany

    twotoomany Formula Junior

    Sep 15, 2004
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    David Higgins
    Its a real shame that its going pear shaped for you. I have experienced this type of response after the deal is made. The answer is to obtain someones name in real authority and insist that they inspect the agreed work to be done prior to any visit or collection.You can also insist that the agreement is clearly listed out in writing.

    Is,nt hindsight a wonderful thing.

  4. nickster

    nickster Karting

    Mar 5, 2004
    The moon
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    This is very very poor customer service and the experience must leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

    You would expect the more money you spend,the better you would be treated.

    Sadly,alot of fchatters have had the same experience.

    All I can say is - stand your ground.
    You've been treated badly and they must understand that you wont forget about it or take it.

    Hope the car when its sorted out makes up for all this though.
  5. jameson

    jameson Rookie

    Sep 6, 2004
    its the same nearly everywhere, they all say and do everything to get you to buy, and then when you have purchased it goes down hill, not just ferrari thats in most cases, dont think that just cos purchasing a ferrari you will be treated special, I thought that, but sadly mistaken, everyone says this place is better then that, but most are the same, seems just the times we live in!!
    I would have thought most garages would be happy to grab your 50k pus and try to look after you,but I know different and sadly so do you now.
    But after you finally get you car im sure all will be fine, and your enjoy the car as it should be, you just need to find yourself a local dealer who does want your business.
  6. Robertb

    Robertb Formula 3

    Nov 19, 2003
    South Oxfordshire, U
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    I'd do the following:

    Ask to speak to the dealer principal. Tell him/her that the deal was agreed on the basis that the above mentioned items would be seen to before delivery.

    As they were not, they have not stuck to their side of the deal so you are not accepting delivery, and would like your money returned in full unless they will collect the car, attend to the dents/scratches, and then arrange a time in the future to pick your car up to fit the grille as agreed.

    I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction.

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  8. matkat

    matkat Formula 3

    Mar 18, 2003
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    Dave McGuire
    Rob,this is a direct quote from the Ferrari Formula 1 "Goodwill charter" "The car will not require a scheduled service for at least 12 Months/Six thousand Miles,whichever is sooner.(cambelts will be replaced within 6 Months)
    The Main dealer that I bought My car from (Glenvarigill in Edinburgh)had the audacity to ask Me to pay half of it,along with several other issues I went directly to F.U.K. and sent an e-mail to everyone involved in the issue including the MD of the said dealership,my car was eventually brought to the standard that F.U.K. say in the goodwill charter and of course at no charge to myself, but what a pain in the neck.
    If You require any further info please PM Me however be aware that since F.U.K. is no longer resposible for the franchises My info may well be out of date(contacts)
    Be further aware that You are far from being alone in having been treated so badly,unfortunately it is the rule rather than the exception.
    Dave Mc
  9. F328GTS

    F328GTS Formula 3

    Apr 27, 2004
    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Full Name:
    Nigel R
    It's not just you. I had problems too.

    I agreed a price and also some minor paintwork to be done, an alarm fitted, cambelt change, plus two or three other bits.

    When I picked up the car, NONE of the jobs had been done. I should have walked away, but instead took the car and they agreed to collect from me at their cost and have the jobs done. That was in December. In January they took the car and I got it back in February, some of the original jobs still not done, and three or four new problems. I refused to accept it, so it went back again. I finally got the car back after a total of 6 weeks. So, in the first 10 weeks of ownership I had it for four, and they had it for six.

    I will not name names, but this was a main dealer. There level of service was appalling, I would not go back there again.
  10. Stuh

    Stuh Karting

    Sep 25, 2004
    I personally cannot understand the thinking involved by the dealers in these cases. What is a few quid to them (at their trade prices) in getting the car fully prepared for delivery, so that the customer gets a nice warm glow on delivery. First impressiosn really count and that same customer might go on to take a succession of cars from them.

    I picked up my car from a small independent dealer last week and after travelling the 200 miles to collect, the tax had run out and the fuel light was on. I managed to get 72 litres into the tank! Dealer must have driven the car on fumes. So for the sake of about £100 i won't ever use them again. Small business suicide in my book.

    Hope i never treat a client with such a lack of service.
  11. barabus

    barabus F1 Rookie

    Aug 22, 2004
    12 Cylinder Village
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    It's a shame but that does seem to be what to expect from main dealers (would be curious to know who it was). But in that respect I don't think it's just Ferrari dealers.

    Now youve got the car why not use Independant Ferrari Specialists instead, theres plenty out there and they tend to be cheaper and much more friendly and reliable.

    Main Dealers.......Ive sh*t Em'
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  13. Stimmers360

    Stimmers360 Guest

    I have to say, i am finding the service from all dealers, bar one (Notts -Graypaul, we'll see) amazingly bad. I posted a thread about JCT in leeds, 3 times i walked in to talk to someone about a 360 spider and as i look quite young, no one even battered an eye lid. even though i turned up in a 360 and wearing a suit. I went to Graypaul and have a cancelled order coming in Dec. My family have been big buyers of BMW's over the years and have got to know our local dealership in Huddersfield really well. I think in the last 10 years we have bought about 8 cars from them and serviced them all there. We get on great with them and i can turn up and get a friendly hello Mr Stimson etc and they go that extra mile.
    When i decided to buy a ferrari i hoped i could find a similar thing with a ferrari dealership, but no, i have gone through about 3 now, all terrible customer service and my god they wont wouldnt give you a cold, nevermind a tank of fuel. Really spoilt part of Ferrari ownership, i despise the time i have to go deal with a dealership for service or change of car - shouldnt be like that ! Aston Martin however have been superb, i get courtesy calls all the time updating me on my order, would i like to go to this aston martin event, and have a nice relationship with the people at the dealership, i havent even bought a car yet !!

    If we all club together im sure we could get our own FChat dealership - serving the ferrari customers of this country with respect, quality service and the right proces and 'slightly' better PR skills !
    What do you reckon ?
  14. jimmy b

    jimmy b Formula Junior

    Dec 13, 2003
    On a plane
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    The other day, my lady wife was complaining about yet more expense on our car fleet (as if it was my fault!) because someone had nicely scratched the passenger door skin on my Merc when it was parked. I reminded her of the well-known American saying, "If it has t1ts or wheels, it will give you problems".

    Her majesty was not amused.

    You are not alone, my friend.
  15. Robgvx

    Robgvx Formula Junior

    Oct 7, 2004
    Full Name:
    Thanks for the replies.

    Seems that I'm not unique here. I'll let you know how it goes this week. I'm going to call them Tuesday and ask the sales guy to personally inspect all the repairs. If they are not done properly then the car will stay there.

    They've even stated that the 'must' have the money before the end of the month... !

    In fairness, the problems about collection have been sorted now but not without a fight. I would have just thought that most Ferrari owners would have expected cars to be prepared as new and that delivery and collection would have been standard and hence they would have built this into the price of the car - they're expensive enough!

    And if there is no fuel and a crappy keyfob then I'll be doubly annoyed.

    They're messin' with the wrong guy....

  16. 512Tea Are

    512Tea Are F1 Rookie

    Apr 22, 2004
    This is an appalling tale. This level of service cannot be the ethos of the company. Therefore one wonders if it has become characteristic of the staff whom, in spending their working lives around magnificent machinery, and which it is most unlikely that they ever will own, then, due to their jealousy, resent and envy, they set upon a course to spite those of whom do find themselves in a position to acquire such things. I suspect that we have all experienced the arrogance of some people who sell expensive items and their often contemtuous attitude toward the very lifeblood of the business which affords them a living.

    I would estalishment who is the most senior person within the company. Then write to him/her an extremely polite letter, detailing all that has happened. It would be important to keep the content of such a communication wholly factual. Finally, I would mark the envelope: Private and Confidential - For the attention of . . . . . . .

    If you do this, I am certain that the recipient will be pleased that you brought the matter to his attention. For no one would wish for such behaviour to be emanating from their organisation.

    I say again that it is quite terrible. And further repeat that it is unlikely to be the ethos of the company - more that it has become cultural within the staff.

    512 Tea Are - Tea Arse - Tear Arse
  17. Boxer 512

    Boxer 512 Formula Junior

    May 5, 2004
    London, UK
    Full Name:
    Seb King
    I fear this is 'normal service' from the Ferrari Main Dealer Network - I have never, nor will I ever use the MD network, their prices are way over the top and the level of service you recieve is certainly not comensurate with what you pay for, as you have experienced to your dismay.....While ever there are such fantastic specialists out there who have an equal amount of knowledge, (in many cases they have far more knowledge and experience), than the main dealers, and are true enthusiasts of the marque and freely give advice and help, I see absolutely no point in accepting the crap that main dealers dish out and tell you it's "fresh smoked salmon - when blatantly it's rancid 8 day old mutton"

  18. Robgvx

    Robgvx Formula Junior

    Oct 7, 2004
    Full Name:
    Sales guy has left their employment....

    We'll see where it goes now.

  19. Maverix

    Maverix Karting

    Apr 26, 2004
    Kent UK
    Full Name:
    David Crompton
    Tunbridge Wells Porsche are fantastic with me also. Ive even cancelled one 996TT order with them, but taken out a provisional order on a 997tt with them. Free trips to the Motor Show, all travel and food/drink paid for. Invites to the new model launch, etc, etc. Ive been to 2 Ferrari dealerships and left details of what I was looking for, promises to call me if found anything...bugger all.
  20. Robgvx

    Robgvx Formula Junior

    Oct 7, 2004
    Full Name:
    Viewed the car today and it's 99% OK. There's a new sales guy after the previous one 'decided to leave' and this one's as helpful, courteous, professional and knowledgeable as I could have hoped for.

    Still a couple of very minor paint issues but nothing that 2 minutes with some T cut won't fix. And the thing is that this man volunteers to fix these points rather than having to be asked.

    Amazing really that an hour with this guy restored my faith in the dealer.

    Kind of hoped that there might be a couple of freebie peace offerings but it doesn't look like it. That would have been icing on the cake and really put a smile on my face.

    If only I'd dealt with this guy in the first place I suspect that I'd have been happy from the get-go.

    Car's due to be delivered Saturday, no questions asked. They're happy to pick it up to fit the back-ordered grille and so on.

    In fact, this switch to being cooperative made me react in a far more compromising manner too, and I even enquired about whether I could fit the grille to save them the cost of two journeys to collect and return the car. Because the job is a little fiddly they insisted that they do it but I really was quite happy to do it, and save them the cost if I could.

    Still, a lesson to be learned for other dealers perhaps. Cooperate with your customers and they'll cooperate with you and everyone's happy.

  21. Robertb

    Robertb Formula 3

    Nov 19, 2003
    South Oxfordshire, U
    Full Name:
    I quite agree with this- lets face it, we all make mistakes in our professions from time to time. The key is keeping the client informed, and learning what your client wants done to resolve the matter.

    Now, if only we could get car dealers to make sensible px offers...

  22. 512Tea Are

    512Tea Are F1 Rookie

    Apr 22, 2004
    This appears to be a classic case of "You never get a second chance for a fist impression"

    512 Tea Are - Tea Arse - Tear Arse - Silver Subscribed (assisted by the gentleman 'Moderator') never to be thrown off the site again!

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