Is Jaguar committing suicide? This article implies it.

Discussion in 'British' started by bitzman, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. bitzman

    bitzman F1 Rookie

    Feb 15, 2008
    Ontario, CA
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  3. aatk

    aatk Rookie

    Nov 24, 2017
    The dealer experience means they won’t sell a damn thing anyway. Awful awful awful.
    Makes going into a Mitsubishi dealer something to look forward to and cherish by comparison.
    The sooner they go the better.
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  4. boxerman

    boxerman F1 World Champ
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    May 27, 2004
    Stuart FL/ct
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    F type ecepted jaguar lost its desgn mojo a while back. Jags always were cool cats, now theyre sorta nothing. Why would someone buy one. Even in the USa Jag seems interested in offering their current cars with 4cyls, they dont get the premium market.

    Jas used to have pace and grace, nothign rode like a jag, thats was even true of the last S type, then they complety lost the plot.

    Evs are essentialy one platform cars. In way it would be an opportunity for en enlightened jag. Ride and style are what will differentiate ev's.
    Maybe theyll make a really stylish ev, but as the article says the'yre more interested in production efficiency.
  5. jimmyb

    jimmyb Formula Junior

    Dec 26, 2005
    Charlotte, N.C.
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    James Bookout
    I never understood the names. You have the F-Pace, the I-Pace, and the E-Pace. One of them is electric...I realize I'm no marketing guru, but I would probably call the electric one the "E-Pace", since "electric" starts with "e".
    What I wouldn't have done is call it the "I-Pace".
    But what do I know...:rolleyes:

    PS. The badly named I-Pace is, IMO, EASILY the best looking of the current lineup of Jaguar.
  6. MAPS

    MAPS Karting

    Jan 13, 2017
    Porto, Portugal
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    Marco Silva
    Wow, are you in Portugal? I thought only the portuguese dealerships were awful!

    What model does Jaguar have on its lineup that truly stands out? IMO, only the I-Pace, and even that they are going to terminate production.
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  8. Spezia

    Spezia Karting

    Dec 15, 2019
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    John Weires
    I have never owned a Jaguar, but always wanted a XK-120 or an XKE. The closest I got to a Jag was a Triumph TR-6 (both brands British Leyland).

    The F Type also interested me a little bit but with limited garage space other cars won out as being both better performs and having less depreciation.

    Jaguar needs to be able to differentiate themselves from the other premium brands. A single platform will probably make their offerings bland if not dull.

    It all comes down to who do they want to be and is there room for them in todays market place.

    Can they really out luxury Mercedes or out perform Porsche?

    Maybe their best direction would be something along the lines of Alpha Romeo. Great styling and emphasis on performance and lower volume production.
    Put a lot of emphasis on the dealer experience and service as well.

    Ultimately there are probably too many brands chasing too few customers.
  9. jimmyb

    jimmyb Formula Junior

    Dec 26, 2005
    Charlotte, N.C.
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    James Bookout
    Please link to the report that the I-Pace is being discontinued.
  10. tritone

    tritone F1 Veteran
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    Dec 8, 2003
    On the Rock
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