Is the Klaremont collection a car dealer?

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by bitzman, Jan 1, 2019.

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    I ran across pictures of a 100-car plus collection in Chicago, website says it's a museum, no sign on the site of a car for sale. But it's odd that there are purebred cars, like prewar Rolls Royces, and then fake old cars like Clenets, and then wanna-be George Barris-style customs. Most of the guys I know that own the real thing wouldn't bother with replicas. I realize every car museum, has excess donated cars and sells them but maybe some Chicago resident can tell me what this place is so I can see if there's a car for sale.
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    Bill Muno
    This might be the Volo Illinois Auto Museum -- I believe they do sell some cars.
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    Ultra successful real estate guy’s private collection

    If you drive around Northbrook and Highland Park, most of the big commercial buildings are his, Imperial Real Estate
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    Interesting, as I was just driving down Skokie Blvd. in Highland Park and Northbrook earlier today.
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    Tom Tanner
    Not a bad looking collection with alot of interesting pre war American cars. He owns this building wich I saw photos of in the National photo collection archive of color Kodachrome pictures. They also have a lot of WWII downtown Chicago color photos taken in the early 1940's. The old photo was taken during WWII. I love all the old buildings in Chicago and although they are expensive to restore would love to see as many as possible saved. That's what sets NYC, Chicago, Boston ect. apart. Nice old buildings and great history.

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    Matt F
    That’s completely different.

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    Lawrence P.
    My Corvette club held a charity fund raising event there a couple of years ago. It was a fun day. I do not recall seeing any of the collection cars for sale but I know that Larry Klarmont did auction some of the collection at a Mecum auction a year ago and also purchased cars for the collection at Mecum as well. I thought there were plans to expand the facility.

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