Is this a Monza?

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  1. ketil3

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    Apr 2, 2016
    This seems to be entry #500, claimed to be some Monza at the 2012 Mille Miglia.

    From results I've found, there was no #500 starting in the 2012 Mille Miglia or the MM Ferrari Tribute.

    And that wide almost-wraparound windshield is unusual for Monza?

    All help appreciated.
  2. Bryanp

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    Aug 13, 2002
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    I believe that is 750 Monza 0500M. It has had that windscreen for about 30 years; you are correct, no Monza or Mondial left the factory w/ that type of TRC windscreen
  3. Aardy

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    Cyril TESTE
    Sorry but it looks like to a replica...:confused:
  4. Marcel Massini

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    It is a complete fake and replica driven by some German from Starnberg who tried to "participate" in the MM, he even faked start/race numbers and all sorts of stickers. He then even tried to squeeze into the line up of cars near the starting ramp in Brescia.
    A complete joke. I remember this crap very well. Some people really should go to jail.
    And on that photo on the Wikimedia site the Starnberg license plate was even photoshopped…….

    Marcel Massini

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  5. Bryanp

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    Aug 13, 2002
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    Got me! I knew there was at least one real Monza/Mondial out there w/ the TRC screen, so I fell for it.

    So this is one of the fiberglass fakes w/ the Alfa twin-cam?

    So many owners of the fakes just can't help themselves but to misrepresent . . . . time to move this one into the appropriate subforum.
  6. Ferrari27

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    "Some German" is a term I have seen a couple of times in the last few days from Mr Massini in relation to this clown. I like the term. It is really insulting to the guy involved but not insulting to all Germans. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity and I am not sure which side of the line this guy was. Very brave for taking this creation to Italy (especially in such a high profile fashion) when he would have looked very stupid if the Italian authorities had seized the car and crushed it. Jail for him and razor blades for his creation would have been the best outcome. I cannot believe he went to so much trouble.

    At least in the original photograph he looks like a happy fool!

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