360 Issue with Immobilizer System

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    Good morning.
    Normally on my 360 Spider, you have to push the button on the remote to change the blinking red light into steady, so the car would start. Yesterday the light kept flashing but started anyhow. I dove home and after having stopped the engine I kept hearing a faint klack-klack sound as from the flasher relais. I thought that it could have been some malfunction due to the very high temperatures that we have currently here in Italy, but also this morning when I entered the garage I heard the klack-klack sound and the light wouldn't go to steady. I disconnected the battery through the switch to see if this "reset" has any positive effects, but in parallel I would be grateful to receive some thoughts from fellow 360 owners, please.

    I found out that the P/N for the ECU would be 168509. Where is it located in the 360 Spider?

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