Italian Happening in Rochester Michigan

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    Hello Folks,

    For those of you in the Detroit area, we are working to re-establish the Italian Happening, an Italian car show with a long history here.

    The new location, which we hope to be long term, is the city park in downtown Rochester Michigan. It is a beautiful, natural setting with lots of trees and topography, as well as a river running through it. We have the full support of the city so we are hopeful. We also have several key sponsors such as Cauley Ferrari, the local dealer, as well as Hagerty, that look to be long term. I will have my 308 GT4 there for sure.

    Attached is the shows registration link. It is September 15, 2019.

    If you live in the area, please spread the word, and bring a car.

    Marc Trahan
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    Signed up already!

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