Italian judges rule that the 250 GTO is a work of art.

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    romano schwabel
    everyone can copy a picasso without any problems - if he is able to paint
    the only thing is he may not sign it as a picasso but he may sign it as a copy - and that is not forbidden

    also the judge is in italy and so only valid for italy. worldwide there are so many people/companies rebuilding cars - what about GTO in england making replicas from ferraris? all not legal then???

    strange world today
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    Timothy Russell
    This has already been partially ruled on when the Italian courts scrapped some replica Maserati's despite them containing some original parts.
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    romano schwabel
    good question
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    Interesting in that the name of the shop that was planning on building the replicas is not mentioned in the article.
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    Steven Robertson
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    I would say absolutely that it also includes the Series 2 1964 design. The 3 originals and 4 Scaglietti S2 '64 conversions ARE Ferrari 250 GTOs and, each example is no less a 250 GTO than the S1 design cars. They are always included as part of the history of the 250 GTO, as they indeed contributed to the long racing history of this car and the ruling has been made not only because of the design but because of that racing history.

    Reference is made in a number of the articles that the 250 GTO holds the record price for a car achieved at auction, which actually belongs to a S2 bodied example, 3413GT. See here:
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    I believe that the shop referenced is Ares as they were planning on selling rebodied Ferrari 812/575s. When you properly understand the legal framework of how Singer works you will see where Danny went wrong. I had an in depth discussion with Singer’s legal counsel and it’s very clever and deliberate what they are doing.
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    You mean Mike sometimes gets it wrong?
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    I'm going to agree with you.
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    Correct. Singer do not modify and then sell Porsche cars, they modify the existing owners cars to a specification requested by the owner. Clearly it is a loophole and Singer will even find the donor car for the owner to purchase before modification.

    Not a lot Porsche could do about that, other than possibly block the sale of Porsche components directly purchased from them by Singer, but again there are easy enough work around's to that scenario.

    Plus Porsche have a more open minded attitude to modified cars bearing their name. All good and free publicity.

    In Italy Ferrari get whatever they want legally, not the case though outside of that country, where instead the men in sharp black suits use the companies financial muscle instead to scare anyone off.
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    Porsche is actually very litigious

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