Jaguar X350/X358 XJs

Discussion in 'British' started by tantumaude, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Contemplating an XJR, purely on a whim. While I like the looks of the 350 more, it seems the 358 is just overall 'better'.
    Anyone care to share any insight and experiences on them? Always appreciated the understated looks, and the performance seems adequate, if not earth-shattering. I'd use it mainly to commute to work (130km round trip in moderate traffic), and occasional roadtrips.
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  3. dsd

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    Nov 19, 2006
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    I’ve had an X100 and X300. Currently have an X150 and X351, but am familiar with the XJ line pretty well.

    I like the X358 but they are surprisingly hard to find (2009 did not see a lot of cars and there was no 2010 in the USA). The x350 R should be more available. Note that quality XJRs are fetching respectable prices on BaT.

    The cars should be reliable but as they are of the age where they will need maintenance and the supercharger is on the way of everything so labor gets up there as you replace hoses. Also the Supercharger and trans service probably is due from age and that’s pricey.

    Parts availability for earlier versions is starting to get spotty for non-essential things (trim bits) and a few hoses— but a quality shop should be able to find a solution for most non-cosmetic things.

    Bottom line, imo, find a very clean example, make sure all hoses are good, service supercharger, service transmission. If you do anything where the supercharger is removed, do everything while it’s out. You should be fine.

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