Jan de Vroom.anybody got a picture they took?

Discussion in 'Who's Who in Ferrari Universe' started by bitzman, Sep 30, 2018.

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    An immigrant to America, co-founder of NART racing team aand playboy who was a skilled Ferrari racer who raced at Sebring in the ;50s. He later owned one of the three seaters built for Coco Chinetti.Raced with George Arents. No occupation--it paid to have a rich lady friend from the Rockefeller family who bought him a house and Ferraris in exchsnge for being kept in the loop on gossip re the high and the mighty. Doing a story on him but don't have a picture--even his obit picture would do (he was murdered in NYC)
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    Jeff Kennedy
    I don't have a picture but the more you scratch the surface on his story the more sordid the information will become.

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