jap pocket rocket

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by BANANA, Oct 6, 2007.


    BANANA Formula Junior

    Apr 21, 2007
    Driving home after a night out and in front of me was one of those turbo charged nissan sunny/pulsar gtir 4wd rallye derived cars. the guy was hogging the fast lane and was doing 30 in a 40 zone. he would downshift and shoot sparks and flames from his exhausts. the guy was on purpose doing that to edge me to race him. i was in a hurry so decided to undertake him, i down shifted into second and nailed the pedal. he nailed his too. we were side by side all the way through second and till the end of my third gear when i edged forward by half a car. wow that is fast i thought to myself. we had to stop for the lights. i thought to myself that i cant let him get away with that and gave him another go. first, i was ahead by half a car, i had a bad shift into second and now he was half a car ahead, third gear we were side by side, fourth gear the same and we had to stop for another light. wow again that was fast. he opened his window and with a smug smile on his face asked me what horsepower i had and what kind of ferrari was that. i told him its a 360 spider, then he said to me that his car still had plenty left in it and that he wasnt using full power (obviously lying i hope) and if i wanted another go, i just said to him no thanks and have a good night. i was dissappointed that a 3000 pound jap hatchback just embarassed my supercar, obviously his car was not standard and i do remember how fast those jap cars can be when tuned (i owned one with 400 bhp once) i have imported quite a few of them from japan nevertheless i'm driving a ferrari and i should not be embarassed by little hatchbacks. if i still had my 996 turbo i'm sure that i would have destroyed him, at times like these i miss my old porsche. time to upgrade to a murcielago and have it twin turbo charged and nitroused too to make sure no one can embarass my supercar again, or stick with the 360 and not mess around with little flame spitting jap hatchbacks driven by spotty teenagers.
    p.s: (my night started on a high when i beat a red 360 modena f1 on park lane from a standing start, was it anyone from here?)
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  3. racespecferrari

    racespecferrari F1 Veteran

    Jan 31, 2006
    Suffolk, Uk
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    Pete.G By The Sea
    That almost sounds like the script from Fast and furious 3:)

    I once had exactly the same thing with an Escort Cosworth when I was in my 928 Clubsport (if anyone knows what that is). He was playing silly buggers with me to entice me. In the end I got fed up and yes of course he booted it, I flew past him at a speed I won't post on here for obvious reasons and watched him disappear in my rear view mirror

    People like that really annoy you. What do you do, sit there and ignore it, or as you said you were in a hurry, boot it and try not to egg them on. The trouble with those Pulsars is they weigh about 300 Kg lighter than nearly all Ferraris.
  4. Ade

    Ade Formula 3

    Jan 31, 2004
    A 360 doesnt really have THAT much power, lets face it. So you shouldnt really be surprised or indeed expect to beat a modded-up jap car.
  5. steveirl

    steveirl Formula 3

    Dec 29, 2003
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    I know exactly what a 928 Clubsport is. Sure you really enjoyed owning that car. I have had three 928s so a bit of a fan but the CS is a brilliant car.
  6. racespecferrari

    racespecferrari F1 Veteran

    Jan 31, 2006
    Suffolk, Uk
    Full Name:
    Pete.G By The Sea
    I loved the car. I only had it 3 months until driving it a bit stupid one night and it got married to a lamp post. Its the best car I have ever owned, although I do love the Mondy more
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  8. R33

    R33 Formula Junior

    May 7, 2005
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    Paul Creed
    Well no disrespect to you or your 360 as i love them to bits, but a nicely tuned Pulsar will be kicking out at least 350bhp and is lightweight. My Skyline will hold its own with a std 360, but thats not the point is it. The point is that a (more like 5K Jap hatchback) will probably cost about 10K to tune to that stage, and is in a different league of comparison. I think you'll find even a tubbed Calibre would give you a good run for your money.
    You had your fun, he had his, but you get the satisfaction of driving away with your head high in an F-car which will be worth tripple what his will be . FWIW, they give me a bloody good run for the money too, and i'm just another jap crap owner. :)
  9. Nickt

    Nickt Formula 3

    Feb 24, 2006
    Iver, Buckinghamshir
    Full Name:
    Nick T
    I Once had a lovely 1980s Audi Quatro. I loved it, it was fast and handled like a dream. One morning I was travelling to work (I was a mechanic in beancondsfield) down teh newly opened M25 from Colnbrook when in the far distance behind me I saw a white Skoda Estelle. Within a few mos it was right up behind me flashing me out the way, so being a good boy racer I floored it.
    80, 90, faster, and faster it was still there, flashing me all the way. I was more or less flat out and there was nothing I could do to lose it. I eventually pulled into the middle lane and let it past; there was nothing distinct about apart from a great big fat exhaust... I guess it was some sort of road legal rally car, but man it was quick!
    To make it worse my then GF told everone in the pub
  10. dongerdude

    dongerdude Formula 3

    Mar 17, 2006
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    Which would you rather trust your life to - a Ferrari that's been thoroughly developed, or a 15 year old Nissan hatchback that someone's buggered around with in their garden shed?
  11. BANANA

    BANANA Formula Junior

    Apr 21, 2007
    Nissan build some great cars. 350z, gtir, skyline, etc... and they even own the infinity brand of cars. The way that gtir moved it definitely was not built in someone's garden shed. that thing was professionally tuned someone spent plenty of money on it. would i swap my ferrari for that nissan? nope, because the ferrari is 100 times better looking and men women and children dream of owning a ferrari. do i think a ferrari is better built than a jap car? nope. do i think a ferrari will handle better than that 4wd jap car? nope. and in the event of a crash would i trust the safety of the ferrari more? i'm not sure if the ferrari is safer than a nissan. i started this thread cause my ego was hurt. this kid in a jap car worth 10 times less than my f car gave me a good run for my money and i'm supposed to be driving a supercar.
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  13. MaleficVTwin

    MaleficVTwin F1 Rookie

    Jun 5, 2006
    Reno NV
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    Throw enough money at anything and you can make it fast. No amount of money thrown at a Nissan will make it a Ferrari, ever.

    And I'll be the first to say it, street racing is a really bad idea. :(
  14. Chaos

    Chaos Formula 3

    Sep 29, 2004
    Cardiff. UK
    Full Name:
    ive had 2 of these little rockets - prices these days start @ £3k odd (a lot more when i had them :( )
    £1000 (exhaust, filter, bit of rr tuning) gets you up to around 300bhp - much more than that and you need to start spending proper money.

    £1500 on decent brakes and some wheel and suspension mods and they handle and stop as well as they go too

    with the 300bhp that most seem to run you can expect a very quick car - on a par with an Evo 6

    mine with 308bhp managed the following
    0-60 in 4,5secs - tested with proper timing gear
    quarter mile in 12.88secs - at Santa Pod
    oh and with a calibrated speedo i saw a little over 160 a few times.

    obviously your still driving a nissan hatchback, but with the right mods its a lot of fun.

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