HOU John Mecom Jr. in print nyhre he was fixin' to buy Ferrari in '62 0r '63?

Discussion in 'Texas' started by bitzman, Jun 15, 2019.

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    Surprised me when i read that today on some history website, where they said he backed off when Henry Ford's minions showed up in '63 with more cash (I forget if it was $12 million or 16 million? )Anybody got an article that mentions that? I think Mecom,who oned a 250GTO and bought one of the first three Lola GT Mk. 6 cars and a DeTomaso race car, probably would have been good for $3-4 million but couldn't compete against Ford. Maybe he only wanted the racing car side, or vice versa. But I guess Ferrari didn't go back to him when they sent the Ford emissaries packing,,,
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    Certainly possible.

    Huge Ferrari guy, still has parts and pieces of cars, but not many.

    They were building "specials" for the Cuba and Bahamas races, and he took A.J. Foyt, Jr. to the Factory to meet Enzo, and get some camshafts.
    That meeting did not end well........LOL!

    There was a Ferrari 512BBi in A.J.'s "Big Indy Auction" you recall, and Jack Starnes, longtime shop manager, recalled to me the spooky way Enzo would appear and disappear, as they went thru various parts of Maranello.factory.

    There was a good article on Mecum's on the "Hussien Special", (the briefly published Texas Driver magazine maybe) as there was oil money underneath all of it.
    He's still around, but not as agile as he once was.

    There's a Corvette racing prototype, in his River Oaks garage, maybe a '63, or '64.
    Single seater, with a head rest fairing.

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