Jump starting 348

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    Any comments? I've got a very svelte "powerpole" DC connector, with a boot to cover it if this is a good place I'll mount it and provide pics of course. It's for the maintainer only, not jump starting. Just wondering about the connection.
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    If you do have to jump start the car, do not, do it from engine to engine. There is a chance the ECU's will get fryed. Jump it using a disconnected battery. Or better yet why don't you just push start it. After all it is a stick.
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    You can jumo start it from there, and it will work. But the best way to do this is to just charge up the battery. Make take about and hour or so, but it's the best thing to do. You know aswell as everybody else with a 348 that the less strain you put on the electrical systems in these cars the better:)

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