Just mere "Pocket Change"

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Jalpa_Mike, Apr 20, 2008.

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  2. andric

    andric Formula Junior

    Feb 26, 2008
    Its been for sale for a while and honestly i think it will stay that way unless they market it better. Fleabay is probably not the best source to sell such a car, RM Auctions, etc. would get the attention of some actual potential buyers. But it is a beautiful car none the less!
  3. 2000 456M

    2000 456M F1 World Champ

    Sep 29, 2007
    Portland, OR
    Full Name:
    It's got three bids and is already over $6MM, although I admit that I don't know what the correct portion of the stratosphere the car should be priced at. Steering wheel looks a bit beat up to me LOL.
  4. Dave46

    Dave46 Formula Junior

    Jun 5, 2006
    Central Washington
    Full Name:
    Robert Davison
    It doesn't look to be over restored like so many competition cars are.

    I've always felt that people who use place high end cars on Ebay do so more for the inexpensive advertising rather than a direct sale. Add to that the fact that the car is presented worldwide immediately with no time lag that an add in a major publication would take.

    At any rate it is one beautiful and exciting car to see.

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