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    Sep 8, 2016
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    Hey Everyone!

    The weather is getting warmer and the cars are coming out.

    Exotic Motors is offering a special on our K40i Radar and Laser Protection Systems for local clients in the St. Louis and surrounding midwest area.

    The RL360i, combined with the jamming power of the Laser Defuser units, delivers the ultimate in ticket-free radar and laser protection. This stealth system includes two radar receivers, three laser defusers, a wireless control remote, and more!

    We are offering the entire system for $1800 with a discounted install rate of $100/Hr. Install time varies for different model vehicles.

    This system includes a "100% Ticket Free Guarantee" from K40! K40 will pay for any tickets recieved while using a RL360i system.

    Contact Zack Follen or I if interested. Thanks!
    Zack: 314-591-9716 - Zack@exoticmotorsmidwest.com
    Parker: 314-614-8644 - Parker@exoticmotorsmidwest.com
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