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  1. Marcel Massini

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    Mar 2, 2005
    Swiss Karl Foitek passed away on 1st January 2019. He was 87 years.
    Originally an Austrian, he came to Switzerland at age 20 and started working for Jaguar, Emil Frey AG and then became a successful race driver. He lived in Zurich and his dealerships included Lamborghini and then from 1974 onwards, for the next 30 years, he was official Ferrari dealer in Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. One of his sons, Gregor Foitek, briefly raced in Formula One (with Team Monteverdi). In the 1960s Karl Foitek raced many cars including Ferrari 250 GT SWB, 250 GTO, 250 LM and 275 GTB.
    Here is a photo showing Karl Foitek at an airfield race in Innsbruck with 250 GT SWB Chassis #2939 GT.
    Photo by Technical Museum in Vienna, Austria.

    Marcel Massini

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    romano schwabel
    R.I.P. karl foitek

    but marcel: why you wirte swiss karl voitek when he has been an austrian? I had contact with him about 1984 or 85 and his dialect was more austrain than swiss
  3. Marcel Massini

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    Mar 2, 2005
    As said, at age 20 he moved from Austria to Switzerland, 67 years ago, and later received Swiss citizenship.

    Marcel Massini
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    Marc Sonnery
    RIP Herr Foitek, I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2007, a very impressive person courted by both Ferrari and Lamborghini for his marketing skills as a dealer. He was a great driver too with many impressive successes.
  5. Simon

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    RIP Mr Foitek
    The whole family were always a pleasure to deal with.
    I remeber once, just being very nosey in the Urdorf showroom, he was very gracious to give me a peak at his new MC12 before it's official unveiling.

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