Ken Shipp...he coached Archie, benched Namath, taught Belichick

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    During a New Orleans bound flight today a colleague had an interesting conversation with an older gentleman seated next to him. The gentleman is from TN and is in town for the New Orleans Bowl to support Middle Tennessee State against Southern Miss. He also mentioned that he is a former NFL offensive coordinator and told my colleague of his time with Archie Manning, Joe Namath, and others.

    I forget to ask my colleague the gentleman's name but the former mentioned the latter served as the interim head coach for the Jets in the 70s. A few keystrokes on the net and the gentleman's name is Ken Shipp. Turns out he had quite the influence on the NFL and ESPN did a recent article:

    snippet: "OK, so how did famed defensive mind Bill Belichick learn offense? How did he become a complete coach whose football acumen survives -- even excels -- when his assistants bolt the New England Patriots for other jobs? The clues are in this trailer owned by Ken Shipp, an 80-year-old former coach with a ski jump nose and floppy silver hair. In the 1970s, as an offensive coordinator for the Cardinals, Saints, Jets and Lions, Shipp was known in NFL circles as an aerial wizard, a progressive thinker of the passing game, coaching the stars whose autographed pictures adorn the walls of the trailer that serves as his storage company's office: Joe Namath, Archie Manning, former St. Louis quarterback Jim Hart. Manning respected Shipp so much that he asked Shipp to tutor his sons, who loved the coach enough to pose for pictures and even sign a few..."

    I also found this:

    snippet: "…J.J. got the nod in the next-to-last game of the season, which just happened to be ABC's final Monday night telecast of the year, at San Diego, when interim head coach Ken Shipp benched Namath for a curfew violation. Namath came on in the second half of the 24-16 loss to the Chargers…"

    Quite the career!


    Geaux Saints!
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