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Kudos to the morons that run the City of Houston

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by ralfabco, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. ralfabco

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    Well it flooded again here ! Last time I had a delivery truck run into a ditch that was completly flooded with water. The city very efficiently
    had the car towed in about 38 minutes where they proceeded to collect money for a vehicle that was not blocking any traffic. Of course years ago when my house was robbed and I asked the cop who wrote the police report; if I could give him the serial # of my Hasselblad Camera he
    replied that in my 19 years of working I have yet to see anything recovered from criminals or pawn shops. Of course a Hasselblad tends to stick out in a pawn shop. Why bother ? Instead ticket my father
    for not wearing a seat belt who happens to be 74. Write me up for
    no front license plate on a bone stock white 00 Corolla.

    In the last "five" (5) years the city has managed to make terrific strides in "helping" the major professional sports organizations become more profitable. I think the owners and people who run major professional sports organizations need all the municipal help they can obtain. Of
    course Houston is not the only city who's leaders went cap in hand
    to owners of major professional sports organizations. Many many
    new stadiums have sprung up all over the USA. However the City
    of Houston has gone out of there way to correct the major shortcomings of the arena / stadium problems. Of course you already know that most of the time, the major sports teams in The City of Houston are nothing but a bunch of losers that have no problem finding helpless fans expensive seats or vendors to sell beer and popcorn.

    We have built a "new" baseball stadium for the MLB organization and
    Of course the Astrodome after several facelifts and being built in 1965
    is now worthless.

    We have built a "new" football stadium for the NFL organization and
    Of course the Astrodome after several facelifts and being built in 1965
    is now worthless.

    We have built a "new" basketball stadium for the NBA organization and
    Of course the Summit after several facelifts and being built a few years
    ago is now worthless.

    Meanwhile I have friends that have had there home flooded out inside The City of Houston at least three or four times in the last ten years.
    Some can no longer obtain any flood insurance. The area is located
    inside the city in the Meyerland Area. Homes in this area are now being rebuilt several feet higher.

    There are plenty of other areas that have been flooded. Do you remember the trucks that looked like they were left in the bathtub of a four year old; just two years ago on Interstate Freeway 10 ? Meanwhile my wife had to go pick up the children from pre-school at 8:30PM because the roads were closed. The pre-school is ten minutes from our house.

    This has been going on in Houston since I can remember. I remember
    my mom driving her 1967 Ford station wagon through the flooded streets. I suppose the City morons have not got a clue how to improve our streets. Perhaps they think the floods are over ? I think they
    need to put more importance into obtaining a NHL franchise. Perhaps
    they can go cap in hand to the NHL and offer to build a new state of
    the art stadium for the NHL organization and owners.

    Of course our "new" baseball, football, and basketball stadiums our
    worthless when it comes to other sports. Each sport needs their
    own independent "new" stadium. I hope we find solutions for the
    owners and their organizations.

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